Quarantine Bucket List Game

Intro to the game:

So, a Quarantine game for our friend group. It’s a bucket list of stuff to do over the course of the quarantine with points assigned to each task. Whoever gets the most points wins a huge pack of toilet paper or something.

-Find a pack of toilet paper (a whopping 100 points. Must have selfie of proof though)

-FaceTime another member of the group and complete a get to know you quiz comprised of at least 10 questions. (You can do this multiple times, just with different people) (40 points)

-prankcall another member of the group (30 points)

– make a trailer for the group (50 points)

-write a poem with this friend group as a prompt. (20 points)

-draw a portrait of another member of the group (no cheating-Stick figures are not allowed. Give full effort. Also, seeing as how there are multiple members in the group, I’m willing to let this be completed multiple times) (30 points)

-try a new recipe (double points if you style it like a baking show) (40 points)

-take the enneagram quiz and share your results. (10 points)

-make a playlist and share it. (15 points)

– write a letter and mail it to another member of the group. Double points if it’s in code and they have to crack. The receiver gets 40 points if they crack it. (Normal letter: 20 points, coded: 40 points. I am willing to let this one be done multiples but to different people.)

-Paint something (25 points)

-sprout a plant (50 points, picture required)

-learn a new skill (can be completed multiple times with proof of new skill, worth 20 points per skill)

-write a short story, involving this friend group (must be at least 600 words, and for the sake of fun, I’m willing to let this be completed multiple times. Point worth 25 points per story)

-bomb a member of the group with memes (10 points)

-leave a “secret package” at one of the others members house. (This one is hard so obviously is gonna be worth a lot. 200 points if you leave it personally, 100 if you mail it or get it there another way.)

-make a music video (25 points)

-give code names to all the members of the group and share it (10 points)

Rules and things to remember:

-You have two weeks. 

-Unless otherwise specified, you can do an item only once. 

-You are allowed to team up with People but only on specific tasks. Don’t just dominate everyone. 

-If you get your family to participate you get 10-20 extra points per family member as long as they aren’t participating in the games. 

-You are in charge of keeping track of your own points so be honest my friends 😉

-I suggest copy and pasting this into your phone notes for future use. 

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