Quarantine Bucket List Week 2

Because me and my friends burned through the previous one super fast.

Quarantine bucket list version 2

You can still complete the tasks on the first list. Besides that, same rules as before! Good luck!

A side note: point value is increasing so if you struggled with the last list you still have a chance. Also, you are welcomed to complete any items on the previous list that you haven’t done. These are just in addition to it. 

Another side note: things are getting harder.  

-find out what Disney princess you are from a quiz and share your results (10 points)

– go somewhere and order a kids meal (and if they offer a toy, take it) (50 points)

-send a member a song that reminds you of them. Tell them it’s their theme song. (20 points)

-Dramatically recite/read something for the group. (40 points)

-make a secret handshake (and if you can send a video of it to the group, do so) (30 points)

-find a news article of something interesting that is unrelated to coronavirus and share it with the group (20 points)

-start a blog, and post every day for about 4 or 5 days (im excluding myself from this one as I already own two blogs that I keep up with)(200 points)

-have a photo shoot complete with props and a pretty background and everything and share your photos (preferably through email as photos take up a lot of storage through text) and NONE of you are allowed to say you can’t do this one because you are all beautifully adorable so I don’t even want to hear it (80 points)

-write a story but this time there’s no prompt, just write one. You can do this more than once as long as it exceeds 600 words. (100 points)

-learn to fold a fitted sheet. It has to be neat, tidy, and stackable. (80’points)

-write a letter to your past self (40 points)

-make a short film. Of any kind. Share it with the group. (100 points)

-similar to above, film and choreograph a fight scene. Add epic music. Share it with the group. (150 points)

-design an outfit of sorts. This can be anything from a dress to a super suit to armor. It doesn’t have to be girly. Just experiment with this art medium. (40 points)

-find a fountain and flip a penny into it to make a wish. (40 points)

-have a picnic if the weathers nice. Take pictures and share it with the group (70 points)

-Surprise me. This can be anything. Give me a shock. I just want to be surprised at what you come up with. (100 points)

-find out what flavor of pop tart you are (20 points)

-send people pictures of your cute pets. I expect cuteness to the max.  (15 points)

-draw something cool with chalk and share it (25 points)

-pull an all nighter and document the process (who knows, maybe you can put it in your blog.). This is going to have a high point value because SLEEP IS IMPORTANT YOU NIGHT OWLS. (170 points)

-invent something (80 points)

-build a fort. (80 points)

-wake up before the sun comes up and send us a picture of the sunrise (100 points)

-share your crappiest (or best) pickup line. (20 points)

-have a “pun-off” with someone. Pick a topic and then go back and forth and see who can come up with the most puns revolving around that topic. (40 points for the winner, 20 for the loser). 

-share an embarrassing/funny story with the group. (40 points)

-make a mystery for someone. Be creative. This can be a series of letters left for someone. A scavenger hunt. A text convo where you leave clues to the person as to your identity.  Get creative. If theres anything I want to stress in this game it’s creativity. (100 points)

-choreograph a dance & send it out to everyone. Others also receive points for learning it. (100 points for all parties who participate in this one).

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