November Writing Prompts

★ Communion by Fire

Fires are very special things. For centuries, people have been gathering around them, exchanging stories and making conversation around them as people feel the warm flames. Tell me about a special fire that someone finds. This fire is ever burning and the walls between alternate realities and timelines are particularly thin here, making it so souls from all sorts of worlds and eras can gather and make conversation here by the fire.

★ Tales from a Tree

A girl finds a very special tree in her woods that likes to make polite conversation and talk about all sorts of things. Being alive for so long, you’re bound to see something interesting.

★ Fall Queen

Every year, the armies of the Fall Queen and Winter Queen are at war. And, every year, Winter wins, only the be dethroned by spring in the later months. But she will enjoy her few months of victory and ice and The Fall Queen retreats and waits for her next moment to strike. But something odd happened this year. This balance was threatened as the Fall Queen, after dethroning summer, maintains her Queenship. The Winter Queen lost this year.

★ Time Travel and Campsites

A group of teens go camping only to wake up and find they have traveled back in time to the medieval England.

★ The Cornmaze Reaper

Every year, per tradition, the children of a village are let loose in the corn, to prove themselves worthy. They must elude the Reaper and make it to the other side, before succumbing to the clutches of the cornmaze.

★ The Lady who runs the Apple Stand

I bought apples from someone today on the way home from work. She was very kind, don’t get me wrong. And she sells the best apples. But today she offered me a special one. One half was green and the other was red. For some reason, it reminded me of something. Then I couldn’t believe I hadn’t noticed it before; her skin was white as snow, her lips were red as blood, and her hair was black as coal.

★ Pumpkin Girl

A girl finds she has one small magical gift: every pumpkin she carves, comes to life.

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