Historical People Writing Prompts

★Tesla’s Secret Book

Nikola Tesla has a secret book hidden away and it’s up for you to find it and unlock its secrets. The secrets of vibration and frequency, the secrets of mathematics…these answers and more await you amongst the pages of this book. 

★Van Gogh’s Lost Painting

A new letter from Van Gogh has been found. This is no surprise to historians as the man wrote to his brother almost every day when he was alive and they are already in the possession of many of his letters. But this one is different. It tells of a painting. The crowning glory of Van Gogh’s work. One that the world never deserved to see so he hid it, leaving only a few clues behind in his previous paintings and letters so his brother might find it after his death.

George Washington’s Teeth

This is a gag prompt but the thought amused me too much to be left in the drafts. A national treasure style adventure to find George Washington’s legendary wooden dentures. No, I am not sorry for this prompt.

★Hitler’s Secret Room

He didn’t die. He should have, but he didn’t. You’re a World War 2 historian who has found proof that Hitler’s life did not end where everyone thought it did. And it’s up to you to retrace this evil man’s steps in hopes you find that justice was eventually served.

Alexander’s Library

The lost Library of Alexandria was legendary. But as we all know, it was destroyed… or was it?

★Einstein’s Forbidden Equation

What if I told you there was one equation that could unravel the secrets of our universe? After all, math is but the language of it. As a high school math teacher, you are looking for something to fulfill yourself with. And perhaps unlocking this secret is your chance to amount to something greater than you ever thought?

★The Man in the Iron Mask

While touring Versailles you find clues as to the existence of the the famed “Man in the Iron Mask”. You retrace the steps of this man’s life through a series of hidden passageways and tunnels in the palace, unlocking secrets you could have never imagined.

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