Writing Prompts for INFJ’s

Hey everyone! I’m starting a new series of writing prompts based off of all the different meyers briggs personality types and my perceived views and aesthetics associated with them. I wanted to start off with the INFJ personality type because its the one I know the best as it’s my personal assigned personality type. I tend to associate this personality type with magic, astronomy, and philosophy so these associations are reflected in the writing prompts below! Suggestions for which personality type I should do next is welcomed in the comments below!


Legends tell of a magic mirror. Rumors vary as to its powers, ranging from teleportation, reflecting your true love, seeing the future and so forth. But you have reason to believe that it has a very different power. The power to show the truth about any individual who gazes upon it. What does this mean exactly? You’re not sure but you’re determined to find out.

Wishing Star

You look upon the starlight sky, lonely as ever. It’s been a rough day but unfortunately, as per usual, you have no one to confide in. In a moment of sorrow, you wish upon a star. You just want a friend. What you didn’t expect was the star to fall from the sky and land in your backyard. But it seems your wish has been granted, by some lucky stroke of fate. Not really sure what to expect, you make your way down stairs to investigate.

Red Ink, Blue Ink

Upon helping a stranger, they gift you an 2 odd looking quill pens in exchange for your kindness. One writes in red ink, the other in blue ink. And there’s something very strange or perhaps… magical about them.

Star Pirate

You and a friend climb upon the roof to gaze upon the night sky during a meteor shower. You talk in low voices about the adventures you would have when you grow up or if you had a rocket ship to fly to the stars. But as you star blissfully into the abyss, you notice something odd about the stars swopping across the black. They seem rather big. And they have shapes. They look like…


You open your mouth to ask your friend if they see it too but the words die in your throat. A star is falling, and its coming ever closer. And closer. And closer.

In a halo of white light, a pirate ship comes barreling towards you and your friend, crashing upon the building’s surface.

The Greatest Race

The end fo the world is not for a very long time. But even so, the horseman of the apocolaypse wait patiently for the end of time. Still, you can hardly blame themf or getting bored. Perhaps that’s how the tradition started though I don’t know exactly when.

Every year, at the dawn of New Year’s, the horseman saddle their mighty steeds and prepare for a magnificent race to circle the world. Who will win this year?

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