Writing Prompts for ENFP’s

And so continues my series of writing prompts based on the meyers briggs personality types. The ENFP personality type is also known as “The Campaigner” and is seen as a creative people person. They are also known as the “hero”. Due to this, I associate the personality with very bright, vivid colors and whimsical ideas or concepts. I associate them with Shakespeare, sunlight, and fantasy.

Ferris Wheel of Time

You love fairs. You haven’t missed one for years. But maybe you should have missed this one? For after a few quick spins, you find yourself taken forward in time, far into the future. Tell me about your adventures with the ferris wheel of time.


You live in a city where things don’t run on electricity or coal. No, your city runs on pure imagination. Tell me about this place.

The Magic Stage

There is a magic stage you and your friends found in the woods. For kicks, you begin to act out a traditional Shakespearean play only to find yourselves teleported to the very setting of the play and each of your friends, a character.


You know prisms? Bits of glass the separate light into the known colors of our color spectrum. From red to purple we see each sliver of color, different from the ones it lies next to. Quite extraordinary, no?

I’ll tell you what’ve even more extraordinary… an interdimensional prism.

Scientists have been working on it for quite some time. A prism that will separate the dimensions into cohesive shreds so we can find out about the worlds and dimension that lie beyond what we can see. We lie in the universe of white. Tell me about the blue, red, orange, yell, green, and purple dimensions that exist.

The Hum

There is a deep hum that you hear. It seems to come from the universe itself. But, unfortunately, you’re the only one who can hear it yet you are completely determined to find out what it is.


You are an imaginary friend of a child who, surprisingly, doesn’t forget you as they grow older. You continue to stick by their side and talk to them, even as they reach college age. The imaginary friends are quite jealous of this however, and it causes quite a few problems.

The Gene

There is only one born every thousandth generation. We all thought it would never happen. We all thought it was legend. But turns out, it is due to a very specific gene that only activates at the thousandth time it is passed on. Tell me what it is.

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