Writing Prompts for ENTP’s

This personality type was a lot of fun to study and think up prompts for as the typically ENTP is nearly the exact opposite of my natural personality (INFJ). But due to this, this has made reading up on the MBTI personality all the more fun and challenging as I try to shift my perspective of the world and relate to the personality type as I type up a few prompts. I associate this personality type with chessboards, magnifying glasses, and a sort of antique/steampunk-y aesthetic. Such associations will be reflected in the prompts below!


You’re a lonely college student who accidentally got locked into one of the old campus buildings. As you search for the exit, you find a secret room with two speaker stands. At one, you see another student. They explain to you that this was the old debate room which has been hidden away for unknown reasons. They come here to clear their head and “debate” things with themselves and they are delighted that you have found the secret room, as now they finally have someone to actually debate with.

★The Extra Hour

You’re a normal person with a normal life. You never saw yourself as unique really. Just a regular person among many. With the exception of one “gift”. Every night, after 12:00AM, the clock switches to 13:00AM for you and time freezes as you are gifted by the universe, an extra hour to do whatever you wish.

★Library Whispers

You open a library book to find a note with some sort of code. Bored and curios, you crack it. To find it leads you to the title of yet another book. Over time, you find yourself caught up in a library-wide puzzle that involves secret codes. passageways, and many other twisted secrets.

★Life Imitates Art

You get a new job at a museum filled to the brim with Greek style, stone and marble statues. But you notice something odd after only a few days of working there. But they can’t exactly walk around. But, after asking one a question, you find that they can indeed talk. What do you ask them?

★Light Keeper

You live out your days as the keeper of a light house, shining your beacon into the stormy seas to guide ships to the shore. But it seems your light has attracted something else besides a ship- a dragon.

★Corpus Delicti

You are a Homicide Detective. And you are very good at your job I might add. This might be in part due to the fact you are, unbeknownst to your team, are necromancer. But, after animating a human skull to come to life and ask the poor fellow who did him in, you are dismayed to find that the poor chap cannot remember.

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