The Writer’s Game: Level 13

Topic: Endings

Threshold: 6,500 Points

Possible Points:  1,100 Points

All Possible Points up until this level:  9,470

  • “Write about death.” [100 points]
  • “Write about your childhood or something that represents it.” [100 points]
  • “Write about healing and moving on.” [100 points]
  • “Write about a bittersweet goodbye.” [100 points]
  • “Write about a key memory.” [100 points]
  • “Write about the seasons changing and have it play a key symbol in the story.” [100 points]
  • “Write a tragedy.” [100 points]
  • “Write about forever.” [100 points]
  • “Write about the end.” [100 points]
  • “Reflect on this challenge.” [100 points]
  • “Write about whatever you want. You’ve earned it.” [100 points]

And that’s it! The final level. This has been an intense challenge & I hope it has been an enjoyable ride for you! Take a break from writing for a bit if you so desire! You’ve earned it! And if you have a desire to challenge yourself again, I hope you’ll make your way back here. You’re always welcomed. Take care, lovely writer!

~ Brooke F.

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