Christmas Writing Prompts

Good evening and happy Christmas eve, bloggers! Hope you are having a fabulous (and festive) week! I’ve had quite a busy last few since school let out and we’ve been on winter break but I am happy deliver yet another seasonal writing prompt collection! Enjoy & have a lovely Christmas!

Down the Rabbit Hole in December

On Christmas eve, your mother allows you out to play in the snow and you do so with glee. But between making Snow Angels you spot a white rabbit bouncing along and start to follow, only to find yourself slipping on ice and falling down the rabbit hole to find…

Wonderland of course!

But things are not at all like you had read! Sure, you recognize the castle along with a few odd characters from the book but the world looks rather different with snow falling gently upon magical world as everyone prepares for Christmas. Now its up to you to figure out how you can get home in time for the holidays.


You live in a world where on your sixteenth birthday, you are given a special gift in a box. Nobody knows where they come from. They just show up on your doorstep on your birthday when you come of age. The rules of these box gifts is every single one is unique and no two people have the same box or “gift”. You open yours to find….

A Bardic Christmas Tale

A young bard with a pristine appreciation for music and Christmas sets out to find the best, most beautiful, and most magical Christmas song there is. Why exactly? World domination probably.

Mother Christmas

Every year Father Christmas leaves his wife at home while he goes out and delivers gifts to the world. Tell me what Mother Christmas does while Father Christmas is gone?

Escape the North Pole

A story where Santa is evil and runs coal driven factories and employs slave-like labor from the Elves of the Land. The story is centered around a team of elves bent on escaping and bringing down this communist operation.

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