23 Things I Want to Do Before 2023

Hey there! I just wanted to share a few of my New Year’s goals and resolutions before December 31st so people can draw inspiration from it if they so desire for their own goals. Most of it is writing related though some of it addresses other areas of my life such as my photography hobby or health related goals. Really, this is a pretty condensed version of more specific goals that I have for myself as I divided a lot of my goals into specific “areas of improvement”. (e.x. lifestyle, art, writing, photography, mindset, fashion, etc.)

1. Finishing my book’s second (and possibly third) rough draft.

Its slow work with school but I still want to keep plugging away at the task in hopes that ONE DAY I’ll finally be done. Someday.

2. Attempting to work my way through The Writer Games

Not sure what I’m talking about here? Click here for more information on The Writer Games Challenge.

3. Getting better at Digital Art

I got an art tablet for Christmas and currently I feel awkward at it. I really want to make pretty things but I must first try and figure out how to manage the many layers and tools available to me courtesy of my new art program.

4. Keeping a Bullet Journal

Not daily, but just a little notebook where I can pen my thoughts every now and then and keep track of things.

5. Creating a Cover Letter

I need to create a cover letter that I can attach to any submissions I wish to make to literary journals.

6. Submitting to 10 fiction/poetry journals

I hope to get SOME sort of publishing experience under my belt while also creating a sort of repertoire for myself as a writer before I go about tackling the enormous task of publishing a novel. Many literary journals are free to submit to so that’s nice as well.

7. Creating a Writing Portfolio

If not only to have on hand, to also get some sort of professional writing practice in.

8. Achieving 450 collective blog posts

A lofty goal but I’m already at 284 posts so I think we can get there.

9. Sketching AT LEAST weekly

Practice makes perfect.

10. Reading at least 10 books not related to school

I used to devour books when I wasn’t in college but now I read so many biology textbooks that I often find myself burnt out on reading most evenings. Still, I want to at least reward myself with 10 non-school related books if not during the semester, during the breaks (especially summer).

11. Not Failing a Class

Fingers crossed. Hasn’t happened yet.

12. Drinking at least (1) full glass of water daily.

This may sound small and easy but I am the type of girl who can become severely dehydrated without even realizing it. I’m busy enough that sometimes I’ll go about my day and realize I haven’t had a drop of H2O at 6PM and an embarrassing amount of coffee.

13. Participating in at least 10 Photo Projects/Shoots

If Writing is my first love, Photography is my second.

14. Creating a Character Creation Master list

I want to create a giant reference sheet that can help me create all sorts of characters for my stories. Lists of possible jobs (fantasy and modern alike), examples of various names, lists of strengths and weaknesses, and so on.

15. Finishing up at least (3) unfinished writing projects

I have an embarrassing amount of WIP’s. The goal is to finish a little bit at a time.

16. Promoting other bloggers

I want to get more involved with the WordPress writing community and promoting more bloggers and doing more tags/community activities seems to be a good way to do that.

17. Writing more letters

Because letters are still cool and should never go out of fashion.

18. Experimenting more with my wardrobe

I tend to play it safe (and warm) when it comes to my wardrobe but these days I really want to push myself to try out some new styles and combinations of clothing.

19. Exploring more music

Because I have a bad habit of listening to the same song on loop.

20. Not checking my phone as soon as I wake up

Generally just not the best way to start the day. I want to replace the habit with a devotional.

21. Experimenting with a new hobby

Because trying new things are good.

22. Creating or participating in at least (3) new/collaborative projects

Again, because trying new things are good.

23. Spending more time outside

Because I am vitamin D deficient. Also trees are pretty cool too I guess.

And that’s all! Hope you feel inspired to maybe set some goals for yourself! I know it’s a few days away but happy early New Year!

10 thoughts on “23 Things I Want to Do Before 2023

  1. I never noticed about drinking 1 glass daily until I read this and realized…..that’s how I’m too? Though I make sure to drink at least one glass everyday before sleeping, I want to make it 3 glasses per day.

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    1. That’s a good resolution!
      I used to be much better about drinking water when I went to school and had a water bottle but I slacked off badly when I went on breaks.
      Best of luck to us both on our journey to hydration! 😀

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  2. I like this list, and the obviously creative mindset that helped create it. A lot of your goals are actually pretty similar to mine, especially the digital art one. It feels so counterintuitive using a tablet when I’m used to pencil and paper! Can I ask, what art program do you use? I’m looking for one to test my digital art skills with, but I’m so lost.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. I feel ya. I feel a little lost myself at times. I used to use a completely different art program when I drew on my ipad but now that I’m using a computer and art pad, I’ve had to completely switch. On my ipad I used drawing desk. On my computer, currently, I’m learning to use pain.net & ART weaver as they’re free services though eventually I want to get Procreate or something.

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