21 Little Ways to Love People

★ Send them cards.

★ Bake them bread.

★ Send them a bunch of memes that you know that will make them laugh.

★Write them a poem.

★Send them a perfume or lotion of a smell that makes you think of them or that you think they’ll like.

★Asking them how their day was.

★ Buy or pick them flowers and tie it with a ribbon.

★Spend time with them

★ Make them a playlist.

★Recommend them a movie that you know they’ll enjoy.

★Send them a little note of gratitude.

★ Write them a letter.

★ Recommend them a book that you know they’ll enjoy.

★ Make them soup.

★ Make them a list of things that make you think about them.

★ Draw them a picture or just making them some sort of art.

★Make them cookies.

★ Write them a short story.

★ Recommend them a flavor of coffee/tea

★ Send them a Bible Verse or a Motivational quote.

★Tell them you love them.

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