Inky’s Custom Contest Entry

Hello, ladies and gents! and welcome to another contest entry!

I’ve been enjoying getting more involved in the writing wordpress community and it’s been quite fun I must say! Especially considering all the fun little tags and contests floating around. So its no surprise that I’m participating in another community contest hosted by Inky. So, I present you my entry for Inky’s Custom Contest!

copyright credits- the ruby and flower are not Inky’s own images


  • add the featured image on the start of the post (but you can make your own design, and place Inky’s at the end.)
  • follow the selected categories: writing, painting, digital designing or baking.
  • max three entries (but you can only win one)
  • for writing, max words is 350. it also has to be family friendly.
  • for painting+ designing ; make sure it’s kid friendly. if you’re unsure; send it over to my gmail.
  • when pasting the logo; make sure to add the copyright credits. (caption)
  • use “inky’s custom contest” tag in the post.

My Entries

Originally, I wanted to enter in the Writing, Painting, Baking, & Digital Designing categories but, alas, as I am running low on time to work on creative projects these days (Yay College! :D), I’ll only be entering in the Baking, Painting & Digital Content categories.

Digital Design Entry

Fun fact about me (if anyone cares but I’m gonna tell it anyways), I started doing digital editing & Art when I was 11. And oh boy, was it bad. Like really bad. But now, 9 WHOLE YEARS LATER, I can look at my creations without cringing (sometimes). My favorite digital pieces have always been ones in that disney-esque CGI style (because the animation of Tangled enraptured me). If you’re interested in seeing more of my pieces, I generally upload them to my pinterest & I have a instagram for it. (I would love to see my fellow bloggers on other platforms! Also pinterest is like 90% of how I waste my time…)


These are Pecan Pie Tartlets (I freaking LOVE tartlets. They make me want to throw a teaparty or something, I swear). Generally they’re best right out of the oven and look so cute on a little plate. ❤


Blasted people are so hard to paint but they also feel so rewarding when you’re done if they turn out right. You really feel like you’ve accomplished something, yaknow?


And that concludes my entries! Nominations for entering are open right now so feel free to enter and tag Inky so she can see your lovely works of art! See ya, readers!

22 thoughts on “Inky’s Custom Contest Entry

      1. Thanks so much! I too love to randomly mix recipes and improvise ingredients, so when I get around to making these we’ll see if they turn out as cute or if they’re an unmitigated disaster. I hope there’s a tea party in my future.

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  1. How do you create such beautiful artwork! That painting and that CGI-esque design is sooo amazing. For some reason, it looks to me like Elsa and she’s my absolute favourite Disney character.

    Liked by 2 people

      1. Oh, sure! I wasn’t sure whether I needed to or not because the sample post wasn’t up yet. Just a suggestion but adding in the rules somewhere that people need to tag a few other people might clear up any confusion in any future contests. But its just a suggestion so feel free to take it or leave it. Have a nice day!

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