Writing Prompts for ISFP’s

Hello everyone! I’m resuming my MBTI writing prompt posts yet again! And today I’m doing the ISFP MBTI personality. They’re also known as “The Adventurer” so I’m hoping to inject that curios and adventurous spirit into these prompts! Please enjoy!

★Space Train

All aboard the space train! The next stop could be anywhere in the universe. Humanity, at this point in time, has advanced to living on multiple planets. Travel between their homes has been restricted by regular space craft until a rather looney inventor creates a most ingenious piece of machinery- The Space Train. The Train can travel speedily across the stars, able to reach the furthest edges of the universe in minutes. The only issue is, the train seems to have a mind of its own, seemingly sentient. Or perhaps this was no accident….


You find yourself wondering your small town when you noticed a shop that you didn’t recognize. Curios, you enter to find it is a jewelry shop. But not your average one of course. This shop is called “Charm”, and is run by a rather curios lady with a tall pointy hat (or perhaps it really is a witch’s hat?). The Charms displayed everywhere look normal at first, but upon closer inspection you find them moving and alive.


There is a fountain in the middle of town with a statue of lady holding a pot and pouring water. You think it is a rather striking piece of work but pay it little to no heed. But little do you know, this fountain is very special. The statue (also known as the lady of the fountain) records the wishes of those who toss a penny in her waters and chooses a few to grant. This, of course, is unbeknownst to you- at least until she grants your wish.

★Chosen One

Your family drags you on a camping trip. This doesn’t surprise you as your Dad has been doing this for years, driving the family to his favorite camping spot between a mountain and a large lake, trying to encourage you to “connect more with nature”. You begrudgingly go, as per usual.

One day, you decide to go swimming in the lake beside your campsite to pass the time. You swim around a bit only to stub your toe on something hard. Annoyed, you fish it out of the water from the depths of the lake, only to find a rather large and magical looking sword. A lady with a cloak made of water suddenly appears before you, informing you that you hold the legendary blade known as Excalibur and you have been, in fact, chosen.


You are a worker at a rather high end art museum. You like your job well enough though sometimes you’re not a fan of the late hours. So its no surprise that you found yourself a little annoyed when you were informed that you were going to need to stay extra late one evening to hang up a new shipment of paintings.

So at about midnight, you find yourself opening up crates of artwork in the basement of the museum. Then you come to one box that is comprise entirely of portraits. You admire them-they are of marvelous workmanship. But, as you hold the canvas in your hands, you see the man in the paint blink and then turn his head towards you. Screaming, you drop him him back in the box only to hear a few annoyed complaints from the other portraits.

What on earth is going on???

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