Castle Writing Prompts

★Melancholy Castle

You buy a castle and go about renovating it. It’s beginning to look rather homey when you begin to see shapes moving in the halls at night. Soon, scenes of people who no longer exist play before your very eyes in broad daylight. Turns out, this castle has stood the test of time and outlived many families. But it struggles to let the memories of its old inhabitants go, so you are witnessing it memories playing out.

★What The Stainglass Tells

You own a castle. One day, walking its halls, you notice some of the stainglass pictures the windows depict look rather familiar. It is showing scenes from your life though some seem to have not occurred yet…

★Lady of The Lake

You are the lady of the lake. You live in your lovely, fairy castle, biding your time as you consider who the new hero of the land will be. A young child stumbles upon your domain and suddenly you find yourself considering them as a potential candidiate.


Romping through the woods in your backyard, you stumble upon a moss covered structure. Upon closer inspection, you conclude that it is, in fact, a castle. But, little do you know, something deep inside sleeps. And you may have just woke it up and your little sub division neighborhood is not ready for it.

★Moon Castle

You live in a castle as a princess. Peacefully you live out your days on your magical little planet until one day, a very odd piece of machinery interrupts your tranquil afternoon. From out of it, steps an odd individual in a strange, white suit. Unbeknownst to you, this is an astronaut and your castle is perched upon the moon.

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