Detective Writing Prompts

★Knight Detective

King Arthur is dead. This means disaster for the kingdom and such a deed will not go unpunished. But there is one problem- no one seems to know who did it. Queen Guinevere, the widow, launches an investigation and narrows down the suspects to the Knights of the round table. Uncertain she can go about the task of interviewing some of Arthur’s closest confidant without some mixed feelings, she turns to you to head the investigation. As her head lady in waiting, you are curios as to how this is going to turn out.

★Blind Detective

You’re used to being underestimated. People think you can’t do your job properly. But little do they know, you’re the best detective in the city and criminals fear you, especially when you’re on their case.

★Lavender Detective

Dawning a purple coat, one could easily pick you out in a crowd. But your sense of fashion isn’t the only thing on point. Your detective skills are even better. Well known in the area as the best of the best, when those in need see your purple coat, they know help can be given.

★Witch Detective

How much easier do you think the job of detective would be if you had familiars to do work for you? Or spells to cast and those who opposed your mission? It would be quite a bit easier (and interesting) I’d imagine.

★Ghost Detective

You are a detective who can commune with the undead. You take on the cases of the ghosts of people who have died, hunting down the perpetrators to enact justice.

★Love Detective

A serial killer has a crush on a detective. So, to see the detective and continue interacting with them, they commit crimes. This, however, makes thing quite difficult for everyone else involved especially for the detective themselves.

10 thoughts on “Detective Writing Prompts

      1. I actually got the most brilliant inspiration from this batch of prompts, so if I someday post a story with a similar plot to any of these, you’ll know where it came from. I’ll credit you, of course!

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