Library Writing Prompts

★ A Book by its Cover

You find a book with a title that is your name.  

★ The Library Mirror

You walk around a library and find a magic mirror which you walk through. In this new world, you find the library you were in but mirrored. That and the patrons look suspiciously like book characters from the books you’ve read in the library from your world. Opening a book in the mirror world you find the book characters are the regular people  from your world.  

★ Safehouse

The world is ending. The last safe house in town is a public library. Locked and safe, here people build a book centered community that continues to grow and survive.  

★ Book Hunter

You accidentally tick off a knowledge deity. They’re Annoyed and you’re indebted to them now. Your punishment? You will not be free of your servitude to them until you return every book to its place on its shelf in the deity’s enormous library. Your hunt begins.  

★ No Return

There is book you want to read at the library that is LONG overdue. You finally run into the person who has it. You go on to make it your quest to befriend them and get the book back so you FINALLY figure out what happens next. Little do you know that the person with the book has a crush on you and is now not returning the book simply out of fear you’ll stop talking to them.  

★The Banned Book Club

You fall through a secret door to find a whole different, hidden level to your library. You are introduced to the “banned” book section of the library along with the readers- “The secret banned book club.” 

★Monster Among the Shelves

A monster roams the shelves of the library at night after closing. You don’t realize this until you accidentally fall asleep in a chair during working hours and are forgotten about. You wake up in near complete darkness. And you are not alone in the library.  

4 thoughts on “Library Writing Prompts

    1. Yup! They just randomly come to mind throughout the day and I jot them down in my phone notes! When I have enough prompts for a post, I make one! Its writing them that’s the hard part I think. 😂😅
      Thanks for stopping by! It’s always great to see you in the comments!

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