Rating My Childhood Obsessions

The title tells it all. I’m gonna do this on a 1-10 scale. This is 100% a whim but I figured it make a fun post. I am such a huge sucker for nostalgia and, when going through this list, I found that I still have a very warm place in my heart for all these things. For context, I was born in 2002 and, consequently, was raised in this weird era where I wasn’t quiiiite a 90’s kid but I still, largely, enjoyed 90’s kids trends. It’s a weird mix.

1. Horses

Or, more specifically, magical ones. I wasn’t quite a weird horse girl but I still greatly enjoyed wasting hours playing a horse themed trading card game called “Bella Sara”. Anyone remember that? The site has long since shut down but I ADORED this game and still have some of the trading cards to this day.

My horse love grew when I eventually came to own one. I live on a farm and when I was about 10 or so, my parents bought me and my sister a few horses. This hobby was something I greatly enjoyed however my favorite horse, Abby, died under not so unpleasant circumstances (she was an older horse and had some health problems as a result). This didn’t entirely ruin my love of horses but I think my horse phase really diminished after that.

I didn’t mean to dampen the mood….sorry. Here’s a Bella Sara mood board to lighten it!

But let’s not forget the rating! I’d still give this childhood obsession a 8/10 despite the traumatic horse death though that does bring it down a point.

2. Webkinz

Okay, full disclosure, I definitely have Webkinz installed on my laptop. It’s like the only other thing I use it for besides writing and college homework. This game has stood the test of time. It’s so much fun to play with my virtual pets and still enjoy a sweet air of nostalgia. The plush pets that this company sold were super cute too and I still have a lot of mine from my former years. Spoiler alert, this one is going to get a near perfect rating because I STILL enjoy it to this day. This obsession was entirely understandable. Webkinz is so charming, even now, years down the road!

This obsession obviously gets a 10/10 rating. Go play Webkinz right now, I dare you.

3. Fairies

Disney fairies especially. This obsession began when I got “The Tinkerbell Movie” for Christmas. These movies were so magical, my grade school self couldn’t help but admire them. I instantly wished I was a fairy and went about collecting tiny little fairy figurines. I would arrange these and play with them in my own little “Pixie Hollow” for hours on end. I still have this figurines in my closet, carefully tucked away as they are some of my most valuable possesions.

And since it seems to be an ongoing theme that these obsessions would be further kindled by online games, this obsession was no different. There was a little Disney Fairy themed MMO called Disney Fairies where you could create your own fairy, pick your talent, fly around and play games, and decorate your own house. It was an absolute tragedy when the site eventually shut down.

This obsession might be one of my favorites even if it hasn’t exactly stood the test of time as the franchise has been winding down the past couple of years. They stopped making movies and with the shut down of the website, I find it an awful shame that all that is left of this joy of mine are my little figurines which are definitely not manufactured anymore.

9/10. It was gone way too soon. You will be missed Disney Fairies.

4. The Chronicles of Narnia

Ahhhh… such a classic. I loved these books. Though I’d be lying if I told you the books were my introduction to “The Chronicles of Narnia”. It was but the Disney Movie “The Lion, The Witch, and The Wardrobe” that captured my 7 year old heart. I wanted to be Lucy soooo badly. I wanted to stumble into a wardrobe and find a magical world where animals could talk. I wanted to fight in battles and go exploring and eat Turkish Delight (even though in real life, it’s actually not that good? The Narnian stuff must be something different because I swear it looked delicious in this movie).

It was such a shame when they stopped making the Narnia Movies. Despite not exactly being true to the books, I GREATLY enjoyed Prince Caspian and Voyage of the Dawn Treader though I was much older when these movies came out. Though if I’m being entirely honest, at age 20, I still want to find a magical world in a closet.

Maybe someday I’ll dedicate a whole post to these movies. They really deserve it. But, until then, I’ll just have to leave this childhood obsession with the rating of 10/10. Still a classic. Read the books. Watch the movies. Cry about your childhood lost.


Alright, so originally that was going to be where I was going to end this post. But then I recalled a memory. A deep memory….


This was a relatively shorter phase than any of the others listed but it definitely still existed. I can’t exactly tell you how this obsession started but I think it was definitely punctuated by the books in the series called “The Dragon Codices”. Overall, this phase consisted of me wanting to find a dragon egg, hatch it, and ride it around How to Train your Dragon Style. I also drew a lot of dragon pictures. I mean, a lot.

I would rank this phase a solid 7/10. It’s lower than the others because it was so short-lived but I still enjoyed the world of dragons greatly. And I definitely wouldn’t say “no” to any merchant who offered my a dragon’s egg.

And there! I think we’ve covered the bulk of my childhood obsessions… *thinks for 10 seconds more* okay, that’s a lie. We still haven’t covered my Lord of the Rings phase or my Wizard phase (WIZARD phase. NOT Harry Potter, I must iterate). And there was my mini phase where I made Rise of the Guardian OC’s… ugh, cringe. Okay, I was lying. We’re not done. But I need to go eat supper so I think that will do it for today. Definitely be warned though… a part 2 may be in the future…. beware traveler. Beware.

8 thoughts on “Rating My Childhood Obsessions

  1. Bella Sara…yikes, I would see packs of those cards at Tractor Supply and coveted them like mad. I never did get any! Eventually I got into a site called Club Pony Pals to appease my horse obsession until that phase was over. And okay, I am utterly indebted to you. When I was a kid I loved to go to the library and read this gorgeously-illustrated book on dragons, but I forgot the title. I’ve been looking for the dang thing for years, but there are a billion books on dragons and I could never find it. It turns out that book is the companion to your Dragon Codices series. So thanks a million times over for jogging my memory!

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Tractor Supply was where I got a lot of cards. It was a tragic day when they no longer sold them. Unfortunately they went out of business according to one of my recent google searches. A tragedy really.
      And I’m glad I could be of service! They’re wonderful books! The same people also make informational books on dragons and monsters from the DnD universe that read like old journals and those are fascinating as well. I love the artwork and aesthetic more than anything. Glad I could serve as a memory jogger!

      Liked by 1 person

      1. My foggy memory banks want me to say that there were some at Walmart, too, but TSC was where it was at. I’d heard they went out of business. That upset me almost as much as the Tetris Friends site.
        The book’s artwork was what drew me initially. It’s so beautiful! I didn’t even know that book was a companion to the Codices. I’m definitely going to go check those out. Thanks again!

        Liked by 1 person

  2. This is such a cool post idea🎉🎉. Aww, it’s sad that Abby died but it’s also good that it didn’t ruin your love for horses.
    I was also obsessed with fairies😂😅.*was*
    Well I wouldn’t mind a part 2. Hope you enjoyed your supper.

    Liked by 1 person

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