A Snurched Tag, Get to Know Me Writer’s Edition

Welcome one and all to the Get to Know Me Tag, writer’s edition. I came across this tag through a series of snurchments (that’s not a word but it is now) and thought I’d continue this digital paper trail by completing the tag myself.

★The Rules★

  • link back to the person who created the tag, Savannah
  • thank the person who tagged you  ( no one tagged me but I originally saw this on The Texas Lass’s Blog.
  • share the tag graphic 
  • tag eleven bloggers 


Let’s jump right into the tag now, shall we?

Name(s):  Brooke

Nicknames:  Brookie Cookie, Smol one, yaknow, whatever people yell at me from across the house.

Birthday:  January 7th, a time in which everyone is burnt out from Christmas and new years. Additionally, my other siblings have birthdays in December bringing the grand total of holidays that we celebrate in December to a whopping 4. So by the time we get to January 7th, everyone is ready for a nap, myself included.

Hair color & length:  Brown and curly. The length ranges from medium to short. I’ve randomly been whacking it off because how else am I supposed to deal with stress? Bangs may be coming soon.

Braces/piercings/tattoos:  I was in dire need of braces so I got them in middle school. Thankfully they were removed after two years. I have my ears pierced and am considering getting double piercings?? No tattoos though and I don’t plan on getting any. Needles are far to terrifying for me.

Righty or lefty:  Righty most of the time. There are a few tasks I can do lefty like archery. Just some odd things like that.

Ethnicity:  Whhhhhhhhhite. Very, very white. Pale. Sour-cream-y. However one likes to say it.


First novel written:  A book I started writing at age 9 called “The Sword of Fire” which are a wondering story about a person looking for a sword that…wait for it…was on fire. And had magical fire powers of sorts.

First novel completed: A really, really bad book I wrote in middle school called “The Jewels of Mythica: The Diamond”. Ugh….it was a… piece of work. I enjoyed writing it and that’s what matters but it was hardly a great work of literature. I was 11 at the time.

Award for writing: I haven’t published anything so the closest thing I have to a writing award would be any award I got on this blog.

First publication:  None yet. Coming someday.

Conference:  Pffftt… I don’t leave my house. (I’m mostly kidding. I leave for college and for groceries and for funding my coffee addiction).

Query/pitch:  I’ll write this after I finish writing my book. I swear.


Novel (that you wrote): A messy little book called “Malice in Wonderland”. It’s unfinished and was originally supposed to be a self insert of me and my friends falling into the twisted world of wonderland where The King of Hearts is a murderous maniac who does away with his “Queens” to keep himself young (hence the name King of Hearts), The Jabberwocky is a haunting, shape-shifting beast that stalks people to steal their human forms, and the Cheshire Cat is…well, the Cheshire Cat. Me and my friends each assume a role in the story and must find our way back home alive. I was cast as the Queen of Hearts and was tasked with eluding the King. One of my friends was Knave of Hearts. Another was Alice. Yet another was The Mad Hatter, and you get the idea. It was a fun story which I hope to work into an actual novel someday because the premise is so entirely interesting to me. It dabbles in my favorite genres: fantasy, psychological thriller, horror, and adventure.

Genre:  Mystery. I blame my ungodly consumption of noir movies.

Author:  C.S. Lewis of course.

Writing music: The soundtrack from the Movie “Loving Vincent”. If you have not heard it, please do your ears a favor, and look it up. It is marvelous for writing mysteries and anything with tension/emotional weight.

Time to write:  The Afternoon/Evening. I wish I was an early bird but alas, twas not mean to be.

Writing snack/drink:  Coffee is probably my favorite drink. Or Dr. Pepper. My favorite snack tends to be something salty like popcorn or chips.

Movie:  The Lion, the Witch, and the Wardobe. BUT THE DISNEY ONE, LET ME CLARIFY.

Writing memory:  I remember being pretty lonely in middle school but I have very fond memories of writing on a sort of kids message board primarily for stories. I love the community I felt there with other young kids who read each other’s work.

Childhood book: haha the lion, the witch, and the wardrobe ahaha. You already knew it was coming!


Reading: Unglued by Lysa Terkuerst.

Writing:  A lot of things unfortunately. A poetry book that I hope to publish via Amazon Kindle before I graduate college, the edited draft of my mystery novel, and a silly story for my friends where we are all astronauts. Oh, and a college research proposal.

Listening to:  The sounds of the campus library around me.

Watching:  My computer screen….

I’m joking. I’m not watching anything until the Obiwan Show comes out on Disney+ in May.

Learning:  Biology all the time. It is my major after all.


Want to be published:  Oh heavens, yes. I would love to be published more than once actually though I’m sort of aiming for the stars with that wish but I don’t care.

Indie or traditional:  I want to try traditional but I could see myself end up self publishing down the road. It depends on the opportunities that present themselves I guess.

Wildest goal: To be able to make a living as an Author. Like to have that as my primary job. It may not sound wild, but for me it feels crazy. (Rent where I live is SKYROCKETING).

And I think that is it. I don’t have anyone specific I wish to tag so If you’re reading this and want to do it, you can consider yourself as such!

7 thoughts on “A Snurched Tag, Get to Know Me Writer’s Edition

  1. This was such fun to read! I love that you felt the very urgent need to specify which Narnia you were referring to…and the imminent stress bangs. I relate on a spiritual level to the imminent stress bangs. Seriously, though, Malice in Wonderland would make for an awesome novel. I hope you do write it someday, because I’ll read it! And I’m checking out that soundtrack.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Fingers crossed I’ll finish it before I die. That’s just my generalmindset when it comes to writing 😂.
      I’ve avoided the stress bangs for awhile but they’ve started to whisper my name yet again.


      1. I’m beginning to think that’s all any of us writers can hope for. I’ll probably complete my book and promptly die like Ulysses Grant. But I’ll have gotten it done, dang it! 😂
        Stay strong! I’m made of weaker stuff; I gave up and got mine a while ago. It’s like having a mental breakdown, but for your hair. It’s less psychologically damaging that way.

        Liked by 1 person

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