Aesthetics that I really love!

Just a fun little post about types of aesthetics that I find appealing and oh-so-cute! I’m a pinterest girl so it was only a matter of time before this post came to fruition. Enjoy, my fellow pinterest gremlins!


Because I like shiny things. This aesthetic thrives on shiny, colorful stones, cool little trinkets, and the love of soup. Coincidentally, these are the three things I prioritize in life.

I love the raggedy style of the outfits and the emphasis placed on mushrooms in this aesthetic. It reminds a little bit of fairycore but “muddier” if that makes sense. I feel like Fairycore is the pastel cousin of Goblincore just like how Crowcore is the goth cousin of Goblincore. I don’t know if that made sense…


This aesthetic basically encapsulates my dream life. A mysterious but cute cottage in the woods, a garden, bread, cats, and tea. I love the european style houses as well as the plant type of decor. It really seems to romanticize a simple life and really resonates with broke college students such as myself.

Dark Academia

The aesthetic that would make you actually like school. One thing I think it neat about this aesthetic is it helps people romanticize education which I find valuable. It’s easy to get lost in the drudgery and repetition of school. This aesthetic, however, injects a little more magic into it.


A rather dainty and classy aesthetic, I can’t help but appreciate the airy and graceful vibes that Pearlcore encapsulates. Not to mention I’ve always been a sucker for vintage looking decor and outfits. Truly the finer things in life.


The beach house aesthetic was never my cup of tea. Lighthousecore, on the other hand, is a whole different story. With all the vibes of “Moby Dick”, this aesthetic looks like something of an introvert’s dream. It’s a very simple aesthetic, emphasizing dark, stormy horizon’s, violet waves, yellow raincoats, and the beauty of grey cliffsides. This aesthetic is as beautiful and haunting as it is moody and I adore it.

And that’s it for now! I think there are probably more aesthetics I’d love to share with ya’ll so perhaps there’ll be a part two to this post? Maybe be on the look out for that?

Also! A little mini announcement! A will be doing a collab/guest post with Corrie from over at Miraculous Homeschool so definitely be on the look out for that coming soon!

16 thoughts on “Aesthetics that I really love!

  1. Ooooh. . .I don’t know if I can decide my favorite from all these! Probably Cottagecore, but Lighthousecore is a close second! It reminds me of growing up near Galveston Beach. We need a part 2! And I can’t wait for that collab.

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    1. Lighthousecore is probably my favorite personally. And a part 2 is definitely on the horizon. I also have been cooking up the idea for a post where I completely make up some aesthetics but it’s still simmering in my head.

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  2. I love all of these! My fave ones have to be cottage core and lighthouse core! Your blog is really nice!
    Can we publish our guest posts/collabs tomorrow? I was suuuper busy today. I went out an helped my dad build and extension onto our shed👷‍♀️🔨

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      1. Ohhhh! That would be fun! That would also be hilarious 🤣
        We could also do a writing prompt post about farm animals with farming being the theme since we both live on one!


    1. Oh that would be cool too! Like potential story ideas that could be set on a farm? We could both think of ideas separately and then make a collab post where we mash them together!

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