Guest Post Announcement!

Hey everyone! In the last post I teased a guest post with Corrie from over at Miraculous Homeschool.

So, without further ado, here it is!

Special thanks to Corrie for letting me ramble about writing for waaaay too long. Go and send her some love for sure!

Alright! That’s it for now!

7 thoughts on “Guest Post Announcement!

      1. That’s a lot of goat! I have a friend who raises goats and they’re a lot of fun. I didn’t expect keets to be on that last but that’s neat too!
        We also have cats and dogs. (I’m more of a cat person, personally, but I love them all dearly.)

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      2. I like cats too! The are my second favorite animal after goats. Almost half of our goats are still young though. They are the sweetest. I have a post about some of them.


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