Aesthetics that I really love Pt.2

And so the series continues. As I continue making these posts, I am coming to the realization that I could probably make a blue-zillion of these. So, if you one day click on my blog and see a post titled “Aesthetics that I really love pt.10292093”, mind your own business or at the very least humor me.

A little note, some of these aesthetics are not as well known, in part due to the fact, some I am purely making up. Dark Academia and Cottagecore appeared in the previous post and I am sure are recognized by many, and rightly so (they are lovely). However, I am just as eager to share some obscure or completely made up aesthetics with you readers!

So, with that disclaimer out of the way, let’s look as some aesthetics!


As the name suggests, this aesthetic is based off of the mythical creature, the Unicorn. There have been various iterations of this aesthetic over time that is hallmarked by bright pink and rainbows, I, however, prefer the more “magical” version of Unicore (I don’t know if that’s officially the name. I just thought it sounded cool), the version that has a more opal-y appearance and is complimented by gold. That feels like a true unicorn.


This aesthetic feels like an infusion of Renaissance, Dark Academia, and Botany. It has a distinctly dreamy feel while also feeling a little gothic. I love how this aesthetic marries those traits together perfectly while throwing in a little bit of romance and adventure. What’s not to love?

Botanical Wonderland

Okay, full disclosure, this one I’m pretty sure I made up. I’m uncertain if I entirely made up the previously mentioned aesthetics on this list but this one I’m pretty certain about. I’m really not sure where the inspiration came from. I never even really liked “Alice in Wonderland” as a book (it was rather weird in my opinion) but I still really loved the designs of many of the creatures and places in the story. I think this aesthetic is born from my desire to see a friendlier wonderland. A greener one. One that is essentially just a magical garden.

Snow White and Rose Red

Again, another one I’m fairly certain I made up. It was based off of a Pinterest board I made for one of my favorite fairytales called “Snow White and Rose Red”. The aesthetic is punctuated by medieval style/inspired clothes and red’s and white’s as you can see.


What can I say? I love flowy skirts and the outdoors (despite being deathly allergic to one of those things). While this is an aesthetic I shall probably never embody, I always thought it was pretty and admired the air of freedom it seemed to have. Despite the fact that I will probably never have room with that many well kept plants or fully commit to the flowy shorts and skirts life, I still really really love this aesthetic.

And I think that concludes part 2 in this post series! Without a doubt, be on the look out (eventually) for a part 3. See ya’ll in the next post!

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