Ways to Brighten up Your Writing Space

Got a writing space that you’re uncertain how to spruce up? Well, I’ve got you friend! I spend way too much time on pinterest and am ready spill my favorite decor ideas geared specifically towards writer’s and decorating their little writing nooks. Honestly though, the first and main thing you need to know when decorating your writing space is that it should be a place where you feel comfortable. You should want to be there, and feel at home in it. Whether this means hanging up your gaudy posters or having a little of little knick knacks all over your desk or that you’re surrounded by piles of loose paper, then so be it. At the end of the day, this is all about making a space that you’re comfortable in and, consequently, write in more freely.

Suggestions are as follows:


Pictures (family, pets, memes… it really doesn’t matter. Whatever you want really).

Posters of things you love,

A cup or mug of coffee or tea (adds to the cozy vibes),

A Quill Pen (For decorative purposes but also fits the writing theme).

Decorative Glass Bottles.

Fairy Lights.



Colored Pens.

Coffee mugs that are cute.


Flowers (both live ones or pressed/dry ones).

Journals from which you can grab inspiration from.

Cute Lamps.

Cute stuffed desk animals.

A Blue tooth speaker for playing whatever ambiance music you desire.

Desk Stationary Organizer.

Sticky Notes

A Pet (preferably a cute cat that will sleep at the end of your bed or at your feet and make a nice rumble-y purring sound).

A cute rug.

And that’s it I think! Hopefully these suggestions are enough to trigger your inner Joanna Gaines and get you into your decorating mode. I bet it’s gonna be a space worth writing a book in!

Bets of luck to you!

10 thoughts on “Ways to Brighten up Your Writing Space

  1. Rug (check)
    Fairy Lights (double check)
    Desk and ridiculous amount of notebooks and pens…(grins).

    Ooo, but I don’t have a kitty cat yet. Definitely going on the list lol. Thanks so much for these fun suggestions, Brooke!

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  2. Your cozy Pinterest-thetic suggestions has me drooling for a writer’s desk, with all the fancy decor! Maybe someday I’ll have one! Also, you posted after a long time, hope you’re well and good?

    Liked by 2 people

    1. I bet you’ll have one someday!
      I’m doing well, thanks for asking! I interned this summer and that’s why I sort of disappeared but I’m back at school now so I have a little more time on my hands. Overall I’d say I’m doing well! How about you? Hope life is treating you alright!

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  3. My writing space is basically an unused corner in the living room where a table is, lol. I personally am a minimalist so I enjoy clear spaces, so I try to keep my table as empty as possible. But I do keep pen and paper nearby always! Anyway, thanks for this post!

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