Self-Care Tips for Artists

As artists, we are always looking for ways to hone our creative skills and continue broadening our horizons. Our goal: to make good art! The problem is that this can often lead to burnout as self-care is something that often gets pushed aside for the sake of work and growth! Not that growth or work is bad, but we all know that too much of a good thing can be bad. And we all need breaks.

So here is a short list I composed of various ways you can care for your body and mind, geared specifically towards art making creatives.

Every second that makes you feel better is worth spending.


★ Draw something you’ve been wanting to do for awhile. Something mindless or comforting (Probably not hands or the other eye).

★ Or opt to put the sketchbook away entirely.

★ Spend some time on Pinterest or a similar site. These sites can often function to scratch the creative itch while still giving you a break from your work.

★Connect with family and friends. Have you been neglecting anyone in favor of your creative pursuits?

★Visit an art museum or exhibition. Enjoy the art others have put out there.

★Try a different art medium. Give yourself permission to suck.

★Watch a documentary. It can be art related or not. If you do want an art related one however, I greatly recommend this one here, free on youtube:

★ Grab a coffee with a fellow artist or just a friend! Be a person. Talk about all sorts of things, not just your work.

★This is pretty universal but take a walk outside. Breath some fresh air and enjoy nature for a little while.

★Watch a movie that you haven’t seen before. Have you seen “Loving Vincent”? It’s $3 to rent on YouTube. Cannot recommend it enough. I always walk away from it inspired by the artistic skill it took to produce.

★Google some hot chocolate or coffee recipes to try. Experiment.

★I cannot recommend this one enough: Pet a dog. Or a Cat. I’ll allow either.

★Just straight up take a nap.

★Organize your desk space.

★Sort out your art supplies and put them away for a little while, all nice and neat.

I hope you have found these few tips helpful! With so much noise and pressure to succeed, many creative people are neglecting their own needs. How can you be your best self if you’re not taking care of yourself? Remember, Selfcare is essential to the successful life of any kind of artist.


12 thoughts on “Self-Care Tips for Artists

  1. It’s so good to see you again, Brooke! I hope you’re doing good. And I agree that self-care is utmost necessary in practicing art. Too much of anything can have negative influences afterall. We should all allow ourselves to relax and take a break from our art every once in awhile! Your tips are great, I’ll surely use them, especially the Pinterest one!

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    1. It’s good to see you too! I am so happy to be back to blogging because I’m on winter break from school right now. It was a hard semester to juggle everything but I’m doing well, especially now that I can rest! Hope you are doing well too! It’s always awesome to see you around the blogosphere.
      And glad you enjoyed the tips!

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      1. I know, semester exams can give a hard time really! But I’m glad you got past it now. Do take a good amount of rest and relaxation and enjoy your holidays. As for me, fests and competitions have suddenly erupted at college, though I’m finally relieved something besides studying is going on. So it’s fun!

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      2. Those sound like they would make one very busy but they definitely do sound fun!
        I definitely plan to relax a little while. I’ve got a heavy next semester and I wanna be able to tackle it well!

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