Picture Prompts for Writers

Any image is worth a thousand words as they say. I’m not sure if this exchange rate is exact or fixed but it’s worth trying, right?

Hope everyone is doing wonderfully this fine December. As for me, I am doing well. However, I made the mistake of blinking and now it is already the 19th and Christmas is right around the corner and pretty soon, before I know it, I’ll be back in school, taking on the second semester of my junior year.

I had a few goals to complete before break is over, one of which being to write a few short stories. Seems simple enough, right?


At any rate, I find the most inspiration for my short story piece by taking a scroll through pinterest for any art or pictures that trigger those creative juices to get to work. I figured I might share a few as well as a link the pinterest board I’ve created primarily for picture prompts. The link for this board is here.

But if you’re feeling a bit reluctant, here are a few images to give you a taste for what I look for in my photo prompts.

We’re starting off strong. This cute lil guy is actually a knick-knack/snail terrarium. Pretty cute, right? He actually goes for about $250-$300 dollars so he is definitely on the expensive said. However, that’s not the point. I see this little guy and I can’t help but imagine an ecosystem with organisms that are a fusion between animals and plants. What would that look like?

Elephants with vines hanging from their tusks. Owls with whit mushrooms growing along their body that allow them to absorb nutrients. Deer with antlers made of actual branches that sprout blossoms that change with the season. Whales covered in moss. The possibilities are endless!!!

I look at this image and not only am envious of the fact that I don’t think I have 5 friends who would dress up as mushrooms with me, but I also see potential for a story. A DnD type adventuring party sets out on a journey! Except they’re all cute lil mushroom gals. What quest are they on exactly? And what hijinks will ensue?

(Link to the cosplayer’s twitter where the image was posted can be found here)

I need a short story featuring cute but horrifying monster cats. That is all.

Similar to the plants & animals prompt but with a steampunk-y twist. Imagine we, as humans, craft machine animals. Ones that are better equipped and therefore outcompete the actual wildlife on Earth when they are released into the wild? Just food for thought….(and hopefully your writing).

A vague concept but tattoo weapons and items is simply too cool not to include. How it may look in your story will probably differ from someone else’s. The parameters of this concept are up to you!

This marvelous painting by Jakub Rozalski gives me medieval David and Goliath vibes. But it makes me wonder….what if knighthood was not limited to humans? Could a fairy be knighted? A wizard maybe? Or perhaps… a giant?

And those are just a few picture prompts that I found while scouring my pinterest board. Definitely check it out if you’re interested. Regardless, I hope these few prompts got your rusty gears a-turnin’!

Have a Merry Christmas or Happy Holidays (whichever seems more appealing to you)!

Take care!

Fox Writing Prompts

★The Slyest of them All

A battle of wits is held every 3 years in the Kingdom of Foxes. The goal is simple- win each test and beat your competitors. The Fox that reigns supreme is named Slyest of them all and is to rule the next 3 years. However, if all the participants fail, the currently residing Fox King remains for another 3 years.

The current King is a tyrant and you will do everything in your poem to dethrone him.

★Fox Detective

A pompous Detective wrongs the wrong person. A witch, enraged, curses him to turn into a fox every time the sunrises. The only way he can lift this curse from himself is if he helps the witch and solves her case. It’s Swan Lake but with a twist in this fractured fairytale!

★Fairy Foxes

This prompt is a little more vague. I just want you to imagine a world where Fairy Foxes exist- little flying creatures that are always out to cause trouble. What do you think this world would look like?

★Revenge in the Forest

The other forest animals are sick of being terrorized by the local fox. He comes at night causing trouble and sometimes even killing some of the forest residents for food (none of the other animals have been able to catch him red-handed though). Secretly, they hatch a plan and plot their revenge.

★ To Err is to Fox

In some sort of magical mix-up, a fox gets turned into a human and must figure out how to pass as one, all while trying to figure out how to revert to his normal, animal form. Hijinks as I’m sure you expect, ensue.

★Outfox or Befriend?

A fox has no friends. At least, that’s how it’s always been. However, a certain fox is starting to rethink this. A fox is given a task to steal or fool someone else but, in the process, becomes too attached and begins forming bonds with the one they are supposed to fool and begins having second thoughts.

★The White Fox

Legend has it that white foxes are magical creatures that grant wishes upon being caught. You always chalked this up as a myth- after all, you’ve never even seen a white fox! However, you begin to rethink this as you found that you have accidentally snared a white fox in one of your hunting traps. And it’s still alive.

Steampunk Writing Prompts

Hahaha I’m gonna pretend it hasn’t been like a month since I’ve posted. I will probably type up a quick life update/overview post soon but for right now, I’m just gonna post this real quick. I’m excited to hopefully get a few more posts out seeing as how I took an impromptu month break without meaning too (oopsy daisy!) but I do have lots to talk about now that I’m back. I’ve gotten settled into my internship position, have gone on vacation, seen the ocean for the first time ever, and am now feeling refreshed and ready to write!

Phew! That was a lot. I have been gone for a month after all so I’ve been saving it all up I guess. Anyways, onto the prompts!


An city’s industrial economy begins to grow. Thousands of new factories are built and a heavy smog begins to coat the city, cloaking it in darkness despite the time of day. The people did not mind this until they realized the 24/7 lack of light attracted something…. 

★Victorian Avengers  

I don’t see why a steampunk city can’t have super heroes. Weave a tale of Victorian crime fighters. 

★Botanical Apocalypse  

As the industrial revolution begins, nature begins to fight against man’s machinery in an act of revenge and rebellion.  

★A Girl and her Goggles 

A girl steals a pair of goggles from a family member only to find a new perspective. The sight of ghosts and spirits passed greet her as she explores her home city and figures out what in blazes is going on?! 

★A Fox made of Cogs 

An boy who grew up in a forest far away from the city gets a job as an inventor in a bustling, Victorian metropolitan area. He accepts his fate but cannot shake this feeling of homesickness for the woods. So, in his spare time, he assembles together mechanical forest creatures, the most special and clever of them being the Fox. So, when the inventor is murdered, it is not wonder the Fox wishes to solve the case and enact revenge.  

★The Age of Dragons

The time of draconian domination has all but passed at the time of the industrial revolution. And yet many still survive, learning to cope with this cruel world that man has manufactured. Some have even managed to thrive. Some choose to befriend humans while others slink back into the sewers and abandoned factories and wait….

Writing Prompts about Dogs

★The Chosen Dog

A dog’s owner is the chosen hero of this story. The hero sets out with their furry companion… only to be killed shortly thereafter. However, a loyal pet to the end, the dog decides it will complete it’s master last wish and fulfill the prophecy that was foretold ages ago…

★Good Dog

People tell legends about a black dog that hangs around the graveyard, escorting spirits and ghosts to the after life. It’s a scary trek to take on one’s own after all. Write a story about this dog.

★Tis I, Cerberus

We all know about the age-old love story between Persephone and Hades (or kidnapping, depends on your version of the myth). Tell this legendary story with a twist-make it from Cerberus’s perspective.


A witch accidentally switches bodies with her pet dog, a golden lab. Now, visitors find a overly zealous and cheerful witch who knows nothing of magic staying in the witch’s hovel. The dog however, seems to be trying to tell everyone something…

★Red Fur/In Another’s Skin

Red Riding hood makes her journey to her grandmother’s house, meeting a wolf along the way. But this Red Riding Hood is not frightened-she is a well-trained hunter and has been tracking and killing wolves all her life. She ends the wolf’s life right then and there, the creature not having a chance to so much as growl. She thinks nothing of it. This is not the first wolf she has killed. She didn’t realize, however, that this wolf was special. She does not find this out until she wakes the next day, finding herself in the body of a red haired wolf. It seems she is about to learn a lesson or two…

★Every Dog has their Day

A child’s dog dies in a housefire after alerting the family to the blaze. The young pup perished , tragically. The child, distraught, grows up to become the most skilled necromancer in all the lands. The necromancer only wishes to do one thing- raise their pet from the dead so that they may have another chance at life.

Wizard Writing Prompts

★Dream Mender

A wizard comes to you in your dreams and claims they need you to come rescue them. In turn, they’d teach you magic. These lessons can only occur while you’re sleeping as this wizard is known as a “Dream Mender”. So you set out on a quest to save this wizard, learning new skills every night as you sleep.

★The White Necromancer

A cleric/necromancer strikes a deal a king whose kingdom was suffering under the strain of a plague: they would heal all afflicted parties as long as they could have their bodies after they died of natural causes. The king agrees. 50 years later, The White Necromancer has an enormous army of undead and is near unstoppable.

★Fallen Magic

A star falls to the earth one night during a meteor shower. Word spreads of this however no one has been able to locate exactly where this star is. You are an astronomer who has a better estimate than most of where the star ended up. However, you find yourself facing a dilemma. You see, stars are very sought after to use in magical potions and weaponry so two wizards- a warlock and a sorceress- both want it. You wish to find the star but are uncertain which party you should serve under as they are both trying to get you “on their side”.

★Borrowed Magic

You wake up in an unfamiliar castle with no memories but magic powers. You wonder the castle and find a few interesting characters who claim to be your “magical helpers”. The mystery deepens as you are told by one of them that the magical powers that you posses were stolen from a wizard. And the wizard wants them back.

★ Man or Monster?

A wizard comes to you for help, claiming to have accidentally turned their friend into some sort of beast. Not only do they want your help finding him and turning him back, they also inform you that you are on a time crunch. The longer the person is under the spell, the more of their mind the “beast” part takes over.

★Secrets are Kept in Boxes

A bloodied man with a tall pointy hat emerges from the woods near your home. He has a box in his hand. Before he dies he whispers only one thing; “Keep it safe.”

★Wizard Assassin

Wizards are becoming a dying breed in your city. Literally. Every wizard known amongst the people is showing up dead with a brand upon their arm. You want to find out who is doing this and why, your motivations being that your lover is a magic-worker themselves.


You are a necromancer. You have the power to resurrect yourself. You have done so twice already. Oh, and another minor detail- you are a cat.


The Chosen One Writing Prompts

The Chosen Games

A land in a fantasy country is ruled by “The Chosen” one, which is predicted by a prophecy by having a special and specific physical feature (this could be white hair, different colored eyes, anything really). However, unfortunately, multiple people fit this criteria so when it is time for a new “Chosen” to be picked to rule and protect the kingdom, a competition is held to find out who is really the chosen one. Let the games commence!

Chosen Few

A vague prophecy predicts a land to be saved by a “chosen” hero among the people. However, five different families cite their child as the chosen one, each interpreting the prophecy differently. They meet to settle this matter once and for all but, to their surprise, the children take to each other, becoming friends. They decide that perhaps it doesn’t quite matter who was chosen and form a team that will bring down the evil plaguing their land.

Chosen Hunter

You’re tasked with finding The Chosen one who is destined to bring about the destruction of an evil king. You search high and low but find yourself short of time. Tired, in a rush, and sick of your years long search, you randomly choose your Chosen One. You weren’t one to really believe in prophecies anyway.

Made not Born

Deep in a wood, a clearing can be found. In it, an orphanage that very few know about. Above the entrance a sign reads “The Fairy Godmother’s Orphanage for The Chosen Ones”. Then, just below that “your destiny awaits”.

Library Writing Prompts

★ A Book by its Cover

You find a book with a title that is your name.  

★ The Library Mirror

You walk around a library and find a magic mirror which you walk through. In this new world, you find the library you were in but mirrored. That and the patrons look suspiciously like book characters from the books you’ve read in the library from your world. Opening a book in the mirror world you find the book characters are the regular people  from your world.  

★ Safehouse

The world is ending. The last safe house in town is a public library. Locked and safe, here people build a book centered community that continues to grow and survive.  

★ Book Hunter

You accidentally tick off a knowledge deity. They’re Annoyed and you’re indebted to them now. Your punishment? You will not be free of your servitude to them until you return every book to its place on its shelf in the deity’s enormous library. Your hunt begins.  

★ No Return

There is book you want to read at the library that is LONG overdue. You finally run into the person who has it. You go on to make it your quest to befriend them and get the book back so you FINALLY figure out what happens next. Little do you know that the person with the book has a crush on you and is now not returning the book simply out of fear you’ll stop talking to them.  

★The Banned Book Club

You fall through a secret door to find a whole different, hidden level to your library. You are introduced to the “banned” book section of the library along with the readers- “The secret banned book club.” 

★Monster Among the Shelves

A monster roams the shelves of the library at night after closing. You don’t realize this until you accidentally fall asleep in a chair during working hours and are forgotten about. You wake up in near complete darkness. And you are not alone in the library.  

Detective Writing Prompts

★Knight Detective

King Arthur is dead. This means disaster for the kingdom and such a deed will not go unpunished. But there is one problem- no one seems to know who did it. Queen Guinevere, the widow, launches an investigation and narrows down the suspects to the Knights of the round table. Uncertain she can go about the task of interviewing some of Arthur’s closest confidant without some mixed feelings, she turns to you to head the investigation. As her head lady in waiting, you are curios as to how this is going to turn out.

★Blind Detective

You’re used to being underestimated. People think you can’t do your job properly. But little do they know, you’re the best detective in the city and criminals fear you, especially when you’re on their case.

★Lavender Detective

Dawning a purple coat, one could easily pick you out in a crowd. But your sense of fashion isn’t the only thing on point. Your detective skills are even better. Well known in the area as the best of the best, when those in need see your purple coat, they know help can be given.

★Witch Detective

How much easier do you think the job of detective would be if you had familiars to do work for you? Or spells to cast and those who opposed your mission? It would be quite a bit easier (and interesting) I’d imagine.

★Ghost Detective

You are a detective who can commune with the undead. You take on the cases of the ghosts of people who have died, hunting down the perpetrators to enact justice.

★Love Detective

A serial killer has a crush on a detective. So, to see the detective and continue interacting with them, they commit crimes. This, however, makes thing quite difficult for everyone else involved especially for the detective themselves.

Castle Writing Prompts

★Melancholy Castle

You buy a castle and go about renovating it. It’s beginning to look rather homey when you begin to see shapes moving in the halls at night. Soon, scenes of people who no longer exist play before your very eyes in broad daylight. Turns out, this castle has stood the test of time and outlived many families. But it struggles to let the memories of its old inhabitants go, so you are witnessing it memories playing out.

★What The Stainglass Tells

You own a castle. One day, walking its halls, you notice some of the stainglass pictures the windows depict look rather familiar. It is showing scenes from your life though some seem to have not occurred yet…

★Lady of The Lake

You are the lady of the lake. You live in your lovely, fairy castle, biding your time as you consider who the new hero of the land will be. A young child stumbles upon your domain and suddenly you find yourself considering them as a potential candidiate.


Romping through the woods in your backyard, you stumble upon a moss covered structure. Upon closer inspection, you conclude that it is, in fact, a castle. But, little do you know, something deep inside sleeps. And you may have just woke it up and your little sub division neighborhood is not ready for it.

★Moon Castle

You live in a castle as a princess. Peacefully you live out your days on your magical little planet until one day, a very odd piece of machinery interrupts your tranquil afternoon. From out of it, steps an odd individual in a strange, white suit. Unbeknownst to you, this is an astronaut and your castle is perched upon the moon.

Role Reversal Fairytale Prompts


Wendy makes it to Neverland but finds herself disgusted with the childish cruelty of Peter Pan. Filled with rage at his mistreatings of the Lost Boys, she finds herself siding with the pirates. The last straw comes when Peter’s immaturity and callousness leads to her brother’s death. Alone and seeking revenge, Wendy picks up a blade, taking on a title that Peter would learn to Fear. 

★Snow White the Dwarf 

A tale about a dwarf with dark hair, ruby red lips, and pale skin who is being hunted by a group of seven gifted and dangerous hunters. 

Rapunzel the Witch 

Rapunzel is a herb collecting, magic worker who is sought out for her fabled “magic” hair and abilities. So she hid herself away in a tower. But an Evil Prince has plans to find her. 

Belle the Beast 

A girl who is shunned by a town finds a home in a mysterious castle. An enchantress finds her here and casts a spell on her that transforms her into a powerful beast so that she would never feel helpless again and has the means to make people leave her alone.  

The Little Sea Witch 

Tell me the story of a young sea witch who fears humans and their polluting ways. Also tell me of the prince who vowed to hunter her down. 

★The Bear with Gilded Fur 

A heartwarming story about a bear cub with gilded fur who wonders her way into a cottage in the woods. There, a family of three finds her and wishes to take care of her.  


Tell me the story of a female fae creature and her adventures trying to con irresponsible nobles and royalty who wish to make flippant promise that they cannot fulfill. 

Red Fur 

A Wolf with bright Red Fur must outwit a hunter so she can reunite with her pack on the other side of the woods. 

Hansel and Gretel 

A pair of magic working siblings run an orphanage in the woods where they take in children abandoned by their parents. 

The Piper Children 

A group of orphans band together and learn bardic magic to get revenge on a town that shunned them and turned them away. 

The Sleeping Witch 

In this version, Maleficent was actually invited to the gift giving of Sleeping Beauty. She was gifted with magic more powerful than any that has been seen before but signs of such power would not show until her 16th birthday. Fearing the child to be dangerous, the fairies put her in a deep sleep. Until an unsuspecting prince decides to force himself upon her, awakening a deep rage in her and the magic. 

Alice, Queen of Wonderland 

Alice stumbles upon wonderland and, instead of being confused and misled by its inhabitants, she decides to take matters into her own hands. She brings an end to the Queen of Hearts and very swiftly. Soon, the courtyard echoes with the announcement. 

“All bow to Alice, the Queen of Hearts!”