How to Make Mornings feel less cruddy

Ladies and Gents, I have a confession to make- I am not a morning person. This early bird finds no joy in catching the worm. I may be up, but I am very rarely at ’em. My carpe diem is a little rusty.

What I’m trying to say is mornings are sort of a hard time for me. My soul is really that of night owl if I’m being honest. Its quiet and dark out with the exception of crickets and maybe a few frogs chirping. I’m all cozy in bed reading or doing whatever else I want to before I drift off to sleep. The day is over and I am very okay with that.

And then there are mornings.

I got a weighted blanket for Christmas and let me tell you, I thought it was hard to get out of bed before. I feel like the blankets are all but pulling me back into my warm little burrow and that fact that it is now winter and its getting cold out makes it even worse.

All that being said, I do have a few tricks up my sleeve that help improve my mornings even though they shall never truly replace my first love (being the evening). Because even though getting out of bed is something I rarely revel in, once I get going, things are significantly less hard and a few fun little morning habits will do nothing but make that part of the morning a little less hard.

★ Start your morning off with a little splash of water

In more way than one. I recommend washing your face and moisturizing before you start your day. It always helps to feel clean and refreshed. But I also mean this in the sense that you should definitely try and drink at least one glass of water before you start your day. For me personally, this tends to prevent me from sucking down a cup of coffee as soon as my eyes pop open. Coffee is terrible for me straightaway in the morning as it suppresses my appetite (so I’m tempted to have a small breakfast or skimp out on the meal entirely) as well as my desire to drink water for the next few hours which leaves me feeling shaky by 10 AM. This could just be a me thing but I figured I put the recommendation out there.

★Skip glancing at your phone first thing

This is a bad habit of mine that I want to improve as I find myself way more sluggish when getting out of bed. I also feel a little spacey or groggy for a bit longer than normal throughout the morning, as if I still haven’t fully woken up. Not to mention checking the news a bit too often can depress anyone. I just find my mind to be much more clearer when I wait about a half hour before checking my phone after waking up.

★Make a breakfast you like

It doesn’t have to be a feast but if you like boiled eggs, try and make one. If you like avocado toast, maybe have a slice with fruit. You don’t have to make a whole spread (as I’m sure few people have time for that), but something is always better than nothing and why not make it enjoyable as well?

★If you can, jot down what you need to do that day

This helps gets you brain into the zone to complete tasks and be productive. It also helps organize your thoughts and gives you a clear list of tasks to complete throughout the day.

★Fill Up a Water Bottle

I feel like this list is just me yelling at myself to remember these things, but really this is important (and something I sometimes neglect on hectic mornings). A water bottle that you can have on hand can really help keeping you drinking water through the day which, in turn, can help you concentrate better.

★If going somewhere, make sure you have everything you need

If you have devices, check and make sure they’re charged and that you have their charging chords on hand. Don’t forget deodorant or whatever else you’ll need throughout your day. This may seem like an obvious thing to do but its also good to have another reminder.

★Listen to Music that makes you happy to be alive

Music is the best medicine sometimes. And a playlist that helps me feel pumped for the day works wonders.

★Move around a little if you have the time

A quick 5 or 10 minutes exercise definitely helps me get going in the morning. Sometimes I have time for a quick walk , other times only a few stretches. But again, something is always better than nothing. Exercising a little also helps kickstart your brain and prepares you for the day to come.

And that’s all for now! Seize the day, lovelies!

23 Things I Want to Do Before 2023

Hey there! I just wanted to share a few of my New Year’s goals and resolutions before December 31st so people can draw inspiration from it if they so desire for their own goals. Most of it is writing related though some of it addresses other areas of my life such as my photography hobby or health related goals. Really, this is a pretty condensed version of more specific goals that I have for myself as I divided a lot of my goals into specific “areas of improvement”. (e.x. lifestyle, art, writing, photography, mindset, fashion, etc.)

1. Finishing my book’s second (and possibly third) rough draft.

Its slow work with school but I still want to keep plugging away at the task in hopes that ONE DAY I’ll finally be done. Someday.

2. Attempting to work my way through The Writer Games

Not sure what I’m talking about here? Click here for more information on The Writer Games Challenge.

3. Getting better at Digital Art

I got an art tablet for Christmas and currently I feel awkward at it. I really want to make pretty things but I must first try and figure out how to manage the many layers and tools available to me courtesy of my new art program.

4. Keeping a Bullet Journal

Not daily, but just a little notebook where I can pen my thoughts every now and then and keep track of things.

5. Creating a Cover Letter

I need to create a cover letter that I can attach to any submissions I wish to make to literary journals.

6. Submitting to 10 fiction/poetry journals

I hope to get SOME sort of publishing experience under my belt while also creating a sort of repertoire for myself as a writer before I go about tackling the enormous task of publishing a novel. Many literary journals are free to submit to so that’s nice as well.

7. Creating a Writing Portfolio

If not only to have on hand, to also get some sort of professional writing practice in.

8. Achieving 450 collective blog posts

A lofty goal but I’m already at 284 posts so I think we can get there.

9. Sketching AT LEAST weekly

Practice makes perfect.

10. Reading at least 10 books not related to school

I used to devour books when I wasn’t in college but now I read so many biology textbooks that I often find myself burnt out on reading most evenings. Still, I want to at least reward myself with 10 non-school related books if not during the semester, during the breaks (especially summer).

11. Not Failing a Class

Fingers crossed. Hasn’t happened yet.

12. Drinking at least (1) full glass of water daily.

This may sound small and easy but I am the type of girl who can become severely dehydrated without even realizing it. I’m busy enough that sometimes I’ll go about my day and realize I haven’t had a drop of H2O at 6PM and an embarrassing amount of coffee.

13. Participating in at least 10 Photo Projects/Shoots

If Writing is my first love, Photography is my second.

14. Creating a Character Creation Master list

I want to create a giant reference sheet that can help me create all sorts of characters for my stories. Lists of possible jobs (fantasy and modern alike), examples of various names, lists of strengths and weaknesses, and so on.

15. Finishing up at least (3) unfinished writing projects

I have an embarrassing amount of WIP’s. The goal is to finish a little bit at a time.

16. Promoting other bloggers

I want to get more involved with the WordPress writing community and promoting more bloggers and doing more tags/community activities seems to be a good way to do that.

17. Writing more letters

Because letters are still cool and should never go out of fashion.

18. Experimenting more with my wardrobe

I tend to play it safe (and warm) when it comes to my wardrobe but these days I really want to push myself to try out some new styles and combinations of clothing.

19. Exploring more music

Because I have a bad habit of listening to the same song on loop.

20. Not checking my phone as soon as I wake up

Generally just not the best way to start the day. I want to replace the habit with a devotional.

21. Experimenting with a new hobby

Because trying new things are good.

22. Creating or participating in at least (3) new/collaborative projects

Again, because trying new things are good.

23. Spending more time outside

Because I am vitamin D deficient. Also trees are pretty cool too I guess.

And that’s all! Hope you feel inspired to maybe set some goals for yourself! I know it’s a few days away but happy early New Year!

Things to Romanticize

A list I began for no reason and will probably continue. I just want to fall in love with the mundane again. It’s all in the little things I suppose.

Car Rides

The sleepy feeling of driving at night with someone you trust. Chill music playing in the background. Street lights whizzing by in the dark. The green glow of the radio controls.


Pen and ink. The wonderful scratching sound of writing on parchment. Being unnecessarily fancy. Writing in cursive. Talking about the weather and how much you miss them.

Elevator Rides

You feel busy and important but not so much so that you’re above smiling at those who get in the elevator with you. The little compliments you offer your temporary traveling companions. A shared moment of quiet in everyone’s day as the chime sounds after each floor.

Freshly baked bread

The smell filling the house. Soft butter. Soup. Cold, wet weather.

Lightning bugs

The smell of fresh July air. Mason jars. Contests between siblings to see who can catch the most,

Sun Rises

Being up and about before everyone else. Quiet time. Reading as you watch the world wake. A misty blanket which slowly lifts.

Lace curtains

Rays of sunshine streaming through. Patterned shadows being cast on the opposite wall. Quaint and homey.

Dabbling in many different hobbies

Who knows what you’re into this week. Fast paced. Knowing a little bit of everything. Endless possibilities. The joy of learning for the sake of learning.

Hand written notes (the handwriting doesn’t have to be perfect)

Personal. Gratitude for everyone in a small way. Smudged letters that reveal a message that has that person floating the rest of their day.


Flitting around light. Patterned wings. Night butterflies.

Romanticizing your own life

So we are coming to a time on the internet where aesthetics are becoming a really big thing. Things like Dark Academia and Cottagecore are becoming more mainstream. These aesthetics often paint this picture of a beautiful romantic life filled with books and good food and cute outfits. It feels a little unattainable sometimes, especially when your life feels anything but cute (and that’s okay, it won’t always). So here are a few personal tips of mine that make your life feel that much more magical.

Spray perfume in books
So this is really cool because the scent stays with the book and you begin to associate that scent with that story and it’s just so surreal and brings even more life and personality to the story you’re reading.

Actually take baths with monstrous amounts of bubbles.
So showers are great when you wanna save time, but I’ve found that if I really wanna feel like a pampered princess, I can tie my hair up in a silk ribbon and draw some hot water and take a nice bubbly bath. I also recommend bathrobes, especially silk ones because they just feel fancy and good on your skin.

Write letters- like for real letters.
Nothing is nicer than filling an envelope with your personality and sending it off for someone you love to enjoy. It feels so sophisticated plus I guarantee the person receiving it will love it.

Maybe try and keep a diary?
No judging if you don’t keep up with it. Or even if entries are months apart. Just give it a shot.

Actually bake stuff.
When you’re feeling up to it, try baking. It fills the house with nice smells and feels magical.

Try a different genre of music than normal.
Sometimes if your life feels particularly monotonous, it can be because you’re not doing anything different every day. Some patterns are good and healthy but you will probably feel very stagnate in general if you stick with the same old things simply because they’re safe and what you’re used to. This can go for music as well as food and style choices. Experimentation is good sometimes.

Be committed to enjoying the little things.
Romanticizing your own life isn’t even necessarily about doing more “romantic” and “adventurous” things though those are nice. It’s more about finding the beauty in what’s already there. So try and see things in a new light. For me, it means I pay attention to all the quiet moments in life and notice everything around me. Because beauty really is there. It’s almost like a sensory reset. Feeling the warmth of sunlight as if you’ve never felt it before. Noticing the subtle instruments in a song. Noticing the colors that are around us all the time and how beautiful it is that you can perceive them. Life really is romantic if we take time to notice it.

Things to do When you Just Don’t feel like Yourself

Is it just me, or are there days where you don’t feel anything? Maybe I’m weird but I feel like some days I’m completely out of touch. I’m uncreative, unpassionate, and, sometimes, unhappy. I don’t feel like myself. I wish I could say this funk passes, but sometimes I can go a solid week just… not feeling myself? Maybe it’s burnout, maybe it’s just emotional bleh, but either way, here are a few things that I do to feel like myself again. Maybe, if you feel this way sometimes perchance, they can help you too?

So, If you’re not feeling like yourself , try some of these things.

Go for a walk or a drive. Roll down the windows and listen to the wind. Get lost in nature. 

Listen to your favorite music. Listen to old music. Listen to your childhood favorites. Get lost in the sound pulsing through your head. 

Exercise real hard for like half an hour to a full hour and then take a looong hot shower or even a bath. The exercise will boost your endorphins and the shower will make you feel satisified and squeaky clean.

Read your favorite book. Remember what it was like reading it for the first time? Get lost with the characters and love them till the end. 

Pick yourself some flowers. Got lost in the way they sweetly smell and brighten up your room. 

Cuddle something. This can be a stuffed animal, a pet, or, if you have a designated cuddle human (apparently that’s what I’m calling significant other’s now?), a person.

Write something. A story. A letter. Anything. Get lost in the words and the way they tumble onto the page. 

Look up at the stars or watch a sunset. Get lost in the colors.

Open a window or something. Fresh air does wonders. I don’t think any candle or air freshener in the world could ever replicate the smell of crisp air.

Collect shiny things, little things that make you smile and put them in a jar. I know this sounds weird, and almost Crow like, but for me personally, I get joy from little things.

Remember, to find yourself, you might have to get lost a little bit, often in the little things. And that’s alright. Perhaps that’s why the little things are there in the first place.

Water Adventures to be Had

Here are a few water related adventurous activities:



Beach walking 

Swimming in a lake or ocean


Creek walking 

Swimming in a pool

Paint next to a body of water or even the scenery around said body of water. 

Or if you want to get real creative…

Picnicking in a boat. 

Reading in a boat 

Get a friend and send off a floating lantern in a boat, tangled style. You can buy floating lanterns online and they’re not that expensive. 

Have a water war

Throw a bottle with a note in it into the ocean. 

Paint or write in a boat. It’s incredibly relaxing. 

Learn a few sea shanties.

Road trip Tips

Road trip Adventure Tips:

You and your friends each compose a playlist for the trip, and go through all of them. A wonderful way to share your music and explore new stuff as well. 

Stop by museums along the way. 

Libraries are good underrated places to stop as well. Not only can they be beautiful and fun, but they also have super clean bathrooms usually. 

Don’t forget your camera. You have your phone but it usually dies when it’s inconvenient. 

Bring a book selection and share it with your friends. 

Get a 5-Way Multi Headphone Audio Splitter Connector for you and the squad. If you don’t know what that is, I recommend looking them up, they’re way cool. 

Find interesting out of the way places to eat. Going to a Burger King anywhere is pretty much the same experience no matter where you are. 

Or if you don’t have the extra money to spend, being your own snacks. 

Play the license plate game. 

Keep a journal of all the days you spend traveling. 

Bring lots of pillows a blankets for a comfy ride. 


Are you bored? Well maybe you need to try something new. Here’s a short list of new things anyone can try and are relatively cheap too!

Learn to play the Kalimba

Learn Latin phrases


Try calligraphy

Make some bread.

Go Geocaching.

Sew something simple.

Write a short story or poem.

Try computer coding (I’d recommend starting with Khan Academy)

Make yourself a new playlist.

Learn a new dance off of youtube.

Make a scrapbook.

Try archery.

Or rollerblading.

Make yourself a smoothie from a a recipe you wanna try 


Find a new restaurant and dine. 

Try and make an Italian dinner 

Learn origami

Make optical drawing illusions

Go plant something and watch it grow. 

Find a new style of clothes and try it out. 

Look up new hairstyles that you’ve never tried and give em a go!

Learn about the stars.

Learn about the different kinds of tea and make yourself some.

Try your hand at jewelry making.

Script a movie.

Try watching a new show.

Paint yo nails.

Forest Adventures

Adventures to be had in the woods because getting out in nature in important, especially in an age such as this:

A simple walk in the woods

A walk in the woods at midnight. 

Find a tall tree and climb it.  Now read a book in it.

Capture the flag.

Bring a notebook and draw everything you see from flowers to birds. 


Have a picnic amongst the trees. 

Tell a story or even sing a song or two whether you’re with people or alone. 

Learn to play the flute or harp. In the woods. For no apparent reason. 

Tie a ribbon to a tree branch and retrieve it when it’s dark and creepy. 

Hide a treasure. 

Play hide and seek. 

Make a flag and plant it in your woods, marking your territory. 

Search for fairies. 

Play “Animal Echo”. Basically the wood’s version of marco polo. Wait until it’s dark, and the person who’s “it” goes out to search for the others. They make a designated animal call and everyone must respond while trying to avoid capture.

Collect cool rocks. 

Collect flowers and leaves.  Put them in a journal.

Scavenger Hunt!

Make a map of your local woods. Give everything a name.

Take your friends camping. But first tell them you’ve hidden the gear for your camping trip in the woods along with your tent gear. Tell them it’s a race to see who kind find the gear and assemble their tent first. Winner gets s’mores.