More Photography Ideas

An Arcade

Arcades, especially at night, can be a flurry of bright, colorful neon lights. This makes them prime photoshoot locations, especially if you want to get a bright, retro vibe.


Cats are pretty awesome for a lot of reasons. But one thing is for sure- they’re awesome at being photogenic. If you have a cat available, maybe consider taking a few shots with your pet!

Rainbow scarves and accessories

Rainbow accessories create a wonderful pop of color that creates a lovely focal point in your portraits or shots.

Roller Skates

Roller Skates are a great way to give your photoshoot retro vibes! Plus, roller-skating rings tend to have fun, bright neon lighting that also adds to the shots.


Bubbles can make for beautiful, care-free and whimsical looking shoots. Just have your subject blow a cloud of iridescent bubbles that catch the light and you’ve a cute shot!


Mirrors can create an interesting perspective with which you can play with in your shots. They can also contribute to making the photo look more dramatic. The only cons is you’ve gotta make sure that the angle you come at the mirror with, doesn’t reveal you, the photographer, unless that’s a specific affect you want to obtain like in the example above.


Yet another item that makes a great focal point for your photos. They also add a sort of classy air to the shoot. My favorite instruments to incorporate are pianos, violins, and guitars.

And that’s all for now! I really enjoy making these posts so I might make some more in the near future! Stay safe during these trying times!

~Brooke F.

Photoshoot Ideas

I’ve been getting into photography lately, so I wanted to compose a little list of fun little creative ideas for fun portraits and photoshoots! Feel free to let me know if you try any and which your favorite is!

Copper + Teal

Copper and Teal is a lovely color scheme that add nice contrast to your photos. A teal shirt or dress and copper accessories is an easy way to achieve this look and create a striking portrait. Bonus points if a poofy teal ballgown is included.

Chain Link Fences

For a lovely urban feeling collection of photos, try and employ a chain link fence by placing your subject on the other side and letting them pose against it.


A super fun “prop” can be bubble gum! Just tell your subject to blow and bubble and pose as needed. The pink cna contrast with the backdrop and create a striking color scheme.


An easy way to add a splash of color to your photo!

A Paper-crown

Giving a paper-crown to your subject to wear can create a whimsical and child-like feel for your photo!

Light up Umbrellas

Perfect for making striking night time photos!


Glitter can be a bit of a mess, granted, but you can use it to make some fabulously fun photos!

Red + Blue

Employing the use of both red and blue lighting can create wonderful contrast in a photo and therefore making some very interesting to look at shots!


You see it used in wedding photography all the time, but it doesn’t just have to be for that; you can create numerous artsy looking shots by using sheer and clever lighting.

Glasses + Lighting

Get some sparkling shots by putting glasses on your subject and having them pose with a light source of sorts around them. Then you can add reflections and sparkles in the glass of the lenses in editing to create a gleaming photo. I personally recommend the use of fairy lights to achieve this affect.