One of my hobbies is coding little generators, usually writing ones, so people can get inspired by whatever funny, weird, or interesting idea pops out of them. I use a host site called “Perchance” which does a rather fine job at introducing one to coding as a concept. If that sounds even remotely interesting, I implore you to check the site out!

Anyways, on with my generators!


Wizard Generator

Circus Troupe Generator

Character Aesthetic Generator

Character Concept Generator

Pirate Ship & Crew Generator

Super Power Generator

Super Power Generator (from name)

Heroine Generator


Aesthetic Username Generator

Victorian Name Generator

Youtube Channel Name Generator

Female Steampunk Name Generator


Tarot Card Generator

Medieval Bag Contents Generator

Potion Generator

Time Machine Generator

Trap Generator

Scent Generator

Writing Inspiration

AU Generator

Book Title Generator

Genre Masher

Divergent Timeline Generator

YA Book Title Generator

Chapter Title Generator

Trope & Prompt Generator

Gothic Poem Generator

Fairytale Generator

Murder Mystery Generator

Sad Poem Generator

Wonderfilled Poem Generator

Love Poem Generator

Fandom Inspired Bucket List Item Generator

RWBY Team Name Generator

RWBY Weapon Generator


Oxford Thesis Generator

Compliment Generator

Life Goal Generator


Van Gogh Quote Generator

Henri Matisse Quote Generator

Monet Quote Generator

Pirate Quote Generator

Totally Correct Quote Generator


Video Idea Generator