Aesthetics that I really love!

Just a fun little post about types of aesthetics that I find appealing and oh-so-cute! I’m a pinterest girl so it was only a matter of time before this post came to fruition. Enjoy, my fellow pinterest gremlins!


Because I like shiny things. This aesthetic thrives on shiny, colorful stones, cool little trinkets, and the love of soup. Coincidentally, these are the three things I prioritize in life.

I love the raggedy style of the outfits and the emphasis placed on mushrooms in this aesthetic. It reminds a little bit of fairycore but “muddier” if that makes sense. I feel like Fairycore is the pastel cousin of Goblincore just like how Crowcore is the goth cousin of Goblincore. I don’t know if that made sense…


This aesthetic basically encapsulates my dream life. A mysterious but cute cottage in the woods, a garden, bread, cats, and tea. I love the european style houses as well as the plant type of decor. It really seems to romanticize a simple life and really resonates with broke college students such as myself.

Dark Academia

The aesthetic that would make you actually like school. One thing I think it neat about this aesthetic is it helps people romanticize education which I find valuable. It’s easy to get lost in the drudgery and repetition of school. This aesthetic, however, injects a little more magic into it.


A rather dainty and classy aesthetic, I can’t help but appreciate the airy and graceful vibes that Pearlcore encapsulates. Not to mention I’ve always been a sucker for vintage looking decor and outfits. Truly the finer things in life.


The beach house aesthetic was never my cup of tea. Lighthousecore, on the other hand, is a whole different story. With all the vibes of “Moby Dick”, this aesthetic looks like something of an introvert’s dream. It’s a very simple aesthetic, emphasizing dark, stormy horizon’s, violet waves, yellow raincoats, and the beauty of grey cliffsides. This aesthetic is as beautiful and haunting as it is moody and I adore it.

And that’s it for now! I think there are probably more aesthetics I’d love to share with ya’ll so perhaps there’ll be a part two to this post? Maybe be on the look out for that?

Also! A little mini announcement! A will be doing a collab/guest post with Corrie from over at Miraculous Homeschool so definitely be on the look out for that coming soon!

Evening Poems: Blue Ink, Red Eyes

Washing washing 

All the ink  

Scrubbing scrubbing  

A porcelain sink 

Rinsing rinsing  

Dont stop and think 

Wash away 

All your fears 

Did you hear that? 

Footsteps near. 

Falling, falling, 

Through a crack you peer 

Writing, writing 

Your confession down, 

Jotting everything  

With a frown. 

In words and ink 

You do drown. 

But Looking down 

Blue is red. 

Onto the carpet 

They all bled. 

Spatters on 

The wall and bed.  

All you have done 

The blood that was shed.  

You return to 

Rinsing the sink 

No longer can you tell yourself  

That it is ink. 

A Heart so Worn

I’ll let the moss be the stitches 

The grass salve for my soul 

As I lay on the forest floor 

And let the plants grow in the holes.

Filling the spaces,

And the empty that remains

Time to surrender.

Nature now reigns.

They’ll come looking for me

But they’ll only find

A house of plants, flowers,

Blossoming honey suckle and vines.

Be at peace you troubled soul.

Never has something so beautiful

occupied your mind.


Dont lose yourself 

In the cloud or silver lines  

You just gotta feel  

your feelings sometimes  

Glass half empty  

Or glass half full 

Till you’re dizzy  

From the roller coasters and pull

You don’t have to live 

In a world of extremes 

Sometimes you dont gotta  

Be happy or sad 

You gotta just be.  

Night Drive

He eats gravel 

Chews on stone  

Crunching crunching  

On rock harder than bone  

He swallows big mouthfuls 

Out on the street 

If you’re out driving  

Then you might just meet  

You’ll be going along  

And feel a loud bump 

Followed by your back tire 

Complaining with a thump 

You’ll ask yourself  

What could make such a hole? 

Torn up pavement 

Such a sight to behold. 

Your annoyance is apparent 

A foul mood you foster  

For many a times you have met 

The pothole monster 

Trampled Truth

Truth is a battered woman,
Trampled beneath people’s feet.
After all, you can pick her flavor?
Savory, salty, or sweet?

Nothing is ever absolute
Except for that statement.
Fear of responsibility is the root,
Of this disease that has spread

That will murder your morality
And choke truth dead.
Because if there is a right,
It would cause a conundrum,
That we avoid with all our might.
But I’m afraid the world sings this song
That if there is a right,
There must be a wrong.

So if you are on the way
And you happen upon truth
Wrap her up and hold close
Feed her at your table
And she’ll show you what you treasure most


Digging through dirt and dust

Bones and broken pottery,

Shards and rust.

I seek truth and secrets true

A discipline kept

By very few.

In my work,

I search for one thing

Between the cracks of walls it lurks

As I work, it becomes clear,

That on sentence,

“Someone was here.”

So…. another announcement…

I’m just full of good news these days (fingers crossed I’m not jinxing myself by stating that).

Anyways! Fun Announcement time!

My work has been featured on a lovely podcast “Expressions & Definitions” featuring Nicole Renee. This podcast covers poetry, specifically poetry themed around love. A few weeks back, Nicole contacted me and asked if I would be willing to have my work featured and to do an interview with her. It seemed like a wonderful opportunity so I ended up saying, “yes”.

A huge thanks to Miss Nicole. Her feedback was so thoughtful and the interview felt so comfortable while simultaneously thoughtful. My work is featured and read on the February 16, 2022 podcast and my interview will be coming out on the 21st.

I highly encourage you to check out Expressions & Definitions in general as it is a thoughtful podcast that could possibly introduce you to a variety of new poets and works that you would have otherwise not found. A link to her blog can also be found here. I definitely encourage you to stop by her blog and show her some support and love!

Alrighty! I think that’s a wrap! Thanks for stopping by to listen to my good news! Have a lovely day!