Aesthetics that I really love Pt.2

And so the series continues. As I continue making these posts, I am coming to the realization that I could probably make a blue-zillion of these. So, if you one day click on my blog and see a post titled “Aesthetics that I really love pt.10292093”, mind your own business or at the very least humor me.

A little note, some of these aesthetics are not as well known, in part due to the fact, some I am purely making up. Dark Academia and Cottagecore appeared in the previous post and I am sure are recognized by many, and rightly so (they are lovely). However, I am just as eager to share some obscure or completely made up aesthetics with you readers!

So, with that disclaimer out of the way, let’s look as some aesthetics!


As the name suggests, this aesthetic is based off of the mythical creature, the Unicorn. There have been various iterations of this aesthetic over time that is hallmarked by bright pink and rainbows, I, however, prefer the more “magical” version of Unicore (I don’t know if that’s officially the name. I just thought it sounded cool), the version that has a more opal-y appearance and is complimented by gold. That feels like a true unicorn.


This aesthetic feels like an infusion of Renaissance, Dark Academia, and Botany. It has a distinctly dreamy feel while also feeling a little gothic. I love how this aesthetic marries those traits together perfectly while throwing in a little bit of romance and adventure. What’s not to love?

Botanical Wonderland

Okay, full disclosure, this one I’m pretty sure I made up. I’m uncertain if I entirely made up the previously mentioned aesthetics on this list but this one I’m pretty certain about. I’m really not sure where the inspiration came from. I never even really liked “Alice in Wonderland” as a book (it was rather weird in my opinion) but I still really loved the designs of many of the creatures and places in the story. I think this aesthetic is born from my desire to see a friendlier wonderland. A greener one. One that is essentially just a magical garden.

Snow White and Rose Red

Again, another one I’m fairly certain I made up. It was based off of a Pinterest board I made for one of my favorite fairytales called “Snow White and Rose Red”. The aesthetic is punctuated by medieval style/inspired clothes and red’s and white’s as you can see.


What can I say? I love flowy skirts and the outdoors (despite being deathly allergic to one of those things). While this is an aesthetic I shall probably never embody, I always thought it was pretty and admired the air of freedom it seemed to have. Despite the fact that I will probably never have room with that many well kept plants or fully commit to the flowy shorts and skirts life, I still really really love this aesthetic.

And I think that concludes part 2 in this post series! Without a doubt, be on the look out (eventually) for a part 3. See ya’ll in the next post!

Aesthetics that I really love!

Just a fun little post about types of aesthetics that I find appealing and oh-so-cute! I’m a pinterest girl so it was only a matter of time before this post came to fruition. Enjoy, my fellow pinterest gremlins!


Because I like shiny things. This aesthetic thrives on shiny, colorful stones, cool little trinkets, and the love of soup. Coincidentally, these are the three things I prioritize in life.

I love the raggedy style of the outfits and the emphasis placed on mushrooms in this aesthetic. It reminds a little bit of fairycore but “muddier” if that makes sense. I feel like Fairycore is the pastel cousin of Goblincore just like how Crowcore is the goth cousin of Goblincore. I don’t know if that made sense…


This aesthetic basically encapsulates my dream life. A mysterious but cute cottage in the woods, a garden, bread, cats, and tea. I love the european style houses as well as the plant type of decor. It really seems to romanticize a simple life and really resonates with broke college students such as myself.

Dark Academia

The aesthetic that would make you actually like school. One thing I think it neat about this aesthetic is it helps people romanticize education which I find valuable. It’s easy to get lost in the drudgery and repetition of school. This aesthetic, however, injects a little more magic into it.


A rather dainty and classy aesthetic, I can’t help but appreciate the airy and graceful vibes that Pearlcore encapsulates. Not to mention I’ve always been a sucker for vintage looking decor and outfits. Truly the finer things in life.


The beach house aesthetic was never my cup of tea. Lighthousecore, on the other hand, is a whole different story. With all the vibes of “Moby Dick”, this aesthetic looks like something of an introvert’s dream. It’s a very simple aesthetic, emphasizing dark, stormy horizon’s, violet waves, yellow raincoats, and the beauty of grey cliffsides. This aesthetic is as beautiful and haunting as it is moody and I adore it.

And that’s it for now! I think there are probably more aesthetics I’d love to share with ya’ll so perhaps there’ll be a part two to this post? Maybe be on the look out for that?

Also! A little mini announcement! A will be doing a collab/guest post with Corrie from over at Miraculous Homeschool so definitely be on the look out for that coming soon!

Writing Prompts about Dogs

★The Chosen Dog

A dog’s owner is the chosen hero of this story. The hero sets out with their furry companion… only to be killed shortly thereafter. However, a loyal pet to the end, the dog decides it will complete it’s master last wish and fulfill the prophecy that was foretold ages ago…

★Good Dog

People tell legends about a black dog that hangs around the graveyard, escorting spirits and ghosts to the after life. It’s a scary trek to take on one’s own after all. Write a story about this dog.

★Tis I, Cerberus

We all know about the age-old love story between Persephone and Hades (or kidnapping, depends on your version of the myth). Tell this legendary story with a twist-make it from Cerberus’s perspective.


A witch accidentally switches bodies with her pet dog, a golden lab. Now, visitors find a overly zealous and cheerful witch who knows nothing of magic staying in the witch’s hovel. The dog however, seems to be trying to tell everyone something…

★Red Fur/In Another’s Skin

Red Riding hood makes her journey to her grandmother’s house, meeting a wolf along the way. But this Red Riding Hood is not frightened-she is a well-trained hunter and has been tracking and killing wolves all her life. She ends the wolf’s life right then and there, the creature not having a chance to so much as growl. She thinks nothing of it. This is not the first wolf she has killed. She didn’t realize, however, that this wolf was special. She does not find this out until she wakes the next day, finding herself in the body of a red haired wolf. It seems she is about to learn a lesson or two…

★Every Dog has their Day

A child’s dog dies in a housefire after alerting the family to the blaze. The young pup perished , tragically. The child, distraught, grows up to become the most skilled necromancer in all the lands. The necromancer only wishes to do one thing- raise their pet from the dead so that they may have another chance at life.

Evening Poems: Blue Ink, Red Eyes

Washing washing 

All the ink  

Scrubbing scrubbing  

A porcelain sink 

Rinsing rinsing  

Dont stop and think 

Wash away 

All your fears 

Did you hear that? 

Footsteps near. 

Falling, falling, 

Through a crack you peer 

Writing, writing 

Your confession down, 

Jotting everything  

With a frown. 

In words and ink 

You do drown. 

But Looking down 

Blue is red. 

Onto the carpet 

They all bled. 

Spatters on 

The wall and bed.  

All you have done 

The blood that was shed.  

You return to 

Rinsing the sink 

No longer can you tell yourself  

That it is ink. 

Semester Art Review

My sophomore semester is coming to a close and while it’s been a ride, I’m sorry to say that I haven’t done as much with my artwork as I would have liked. My hobby life is kind of dead, especially around finals. There’s a statistic out there that says only 1 in every 5 college student report having hobbies that they indulge in during the school year and I think that really makes sense. Regardless, enjoy my showcase of a few art pieces that I created for no other purpose than to enjoy creating art.

First, let’s start with my hand drawn pieces:

My favorites of this batch were probably my Reepicheep sketch, my kingly sparrow sketch, and my little necromancer sketch. I wasn’t a fan of how my kitten-bee turned out but I really enjoyed the concept.

Next, I’d like to showcase my 3d art edits and pieces:

A few of these were actually for a series. The portraits of regal and vintage looking women were a concept I had floating around in my head for awhile. It was a lot of fun making them into a sort of disney-esque style. But, admittedly, most were random portraits I created for the fun of it. No theme. Just fun.

Aaaand that’s all for now! Thanks for visiting!

Ranking my Childhood Obsessions pt.2

And here we have it folks! The sequel that everyone saw coming because clearly I cannot cram all my childhood obsessions into one singular post! (There were far too many.) I didn’t know I had so many phases that I grew through but the more I thought about it, the more obsessions I found myself recalling. A red flag of mine? Or perhaps a loveable quirk? Who knows! We don’t have time to unpack now as I need to get on with ranking my various childhood obsessions, part two!

1. Pirates

This was a brief one but it still shows itself even to this day through my love of white, puffy sleeved shirts. Despite this phase not lasting incredibly long, I still find it entirely understandable. The hats. The cutlasses. The gold. The SHIPS. THE FREAKING SHIPS. I remember spending way too much of my spare time sketching pirate ship designs because of this.

I don’t think this obsession was spawned by one singular franchise or piece of media though Pirates of the Caribbean and The Voyage of the Dawn Treader probably aided this fantasy. To this day if someone told me I could make a living by sailing the high seas, wearing magnificent hats, sword fighting, (but not getting scurvy) I would. Alas, I think my fantasies are somewhat unrealistic however that has never stopped me!

Someday I wish to dedicate an entire post to the appeal of pirate costume-ry and fashion however, this is not that day. Instead, have a mood board.

2. Rise of the Guardians

Another brief but still instrumental obsession of my former high school years. This movie was integral for sparking my passion for animation and animated movies. Not to the degree of wanting to make a career by working in such a field, however I did enjoy spending my days design Guardian OC’s because they were just too much fun to create. The whole concept of the movie was ripe pickings for the young imagination. The characters were bright and interesting, the story compelling but never lacking an air of mystery. It was a bit of a tragedy when I found out later in life that this movie had been a box-office failure for Dreamworks, practically ensuring that it would never release a sequel. *weeps*

However, despite the fact that the movie did not make a lot of money at the box office, I still believe it is well-worth a watch and it remains to have, I believe, some of the most shockingly beautiful CGI animation that I have ever seen to date. High school me had good taste.

3. Avatar the Last Airbender

Gosh, I love this show. And yes, it still holds up, even to this day. Even as an 11 year old girl, I could appreciate the amazing and surprisingly mature writing in this show. The jokes almost always landed, the characters felt grounded and real, and I probably don’t have to tell you that it contains one of the most well executed character arcs I have ever seen executed on screen. If you grew up in the 2000’s, you probably have heard people sing this show’s praises. Heck, you might have even heard people sing them recently. It’s a darn good show. However, I was never really a big fan of the sequel show, Legend of Korra. That was a little…disappointing. (It’s hard to follow up greatness you know?)

I still love this show. Even now I like mentally classifying my friends into groups .

“oh they’d totally be a firebender. And so and so gives water bender vibes. And so and so seems like an earthbender and…”

4. Libraries

Okay, hear me out. When I was like, 9, I was convinced my family needed to convert the loft of our barn into a library. My parents, for some strange reason, didn’t agree with me. So I set about doing it myself. I began to author books (stories where the papers were stapled together) and scrolls to fill my “new” library and arranging them neatly into boxes. My heart was all but broken when I found out the paper attracted bugs (specifically spiders) and my dreams of a giant library in the loft of our hay barn were crushed.

This little scheme of mine was a symptom of an obsession that I think a lot of us have. This obsession shows itself when we walk into a library (the older, the better), and want to squeal at the sheer size of it. This is the part of us that loves marble floors and old architecture and the smell of old paper. This is also the part of us that gets strangely angry when we remember that the library of Alexandria was burnt to the ground.

Did I lose anybody? I hope I’m not alone but something tells me I’m not.

5. Wizards

Did you ever wish you could just start fires with your mind? Or flip a light switch from across the room? Or make something levitate for no real reason? Well you know what would fix these very common problems? MAGIC.

Ladies and gents, I have this theory that like 75% of the population just wants to be wizards and I am one of those people. This desire to be a wizard shows itself in different ways. A Harry Potter phase. A time in your life where you took horoscopes way too seriously. Or even a super hero phase (because after all, aren’t super heroes just specialized wizards in leather suits?). Or trying to use the force to shut a door from across the room.

We all just wanna be wizards, don’t we? I think it’s time we face it. Who doesn’t love starry patterns, pointy hats, cloaks, shiny and potentially magical rocks (THAT MAY OR MAY NOT HAVE BEEN ITS OWN PHASE. WHY AM I LIKE THIS), wands, staffs, towards away from everybody you hate… the superior lifestyle, clearly.

And yeah. I think that’ll do it. I really don’t know how to wrap up with post except for simply stating that your childhood self is nearly always right. Magic is still cool. Dragons are still the best. Webkinz is still fun. Pirate hats still look like the absolute bomb. Don’t let anyone tell you otherwise. Life is too short not to believe in these things anymore. Hmm… I think my pal C.S. Lewis had a quote for that actually…

“When I was ten, I read fairy tales in secret and would have been ashamed if I had been found doing so. Now that I am fifty I read them openly. When I became a man I put away childish things, including the fear of childishness and the desire to be very grown up.

C.S. Lewis

Good ‘ol Lewis. He has a quote for everything.

And that’s it! Have a wonderful day and stay young my friends!

A Heart so Worn

I’ll let the moss be the stitches 

The grass salve for my soul 

As I lay on the forest floor 

And let the plants grow in the holes.

Filling the spaces,

And the empty that remains

Time to surrender.

Nature now reigns.

They’ll come looking for me

But they’ll only find

A house of plants, flowers,

Blossoming honey suckle and vines.

Be at peace you troubled soul.

Never has something so beautiful

occupied your mind.