5 Things That Make me Happy

So one of my New Year’s Resolutions was to complete my “Writer Games Challenge” which you can find linked here if you’re interest in completing it too! The first category of challenges is to write a little bit about yourself and the things you like and are passionate about. So I’m starting with the list of 5 things that make me happy!

Ready? Well regardless, here we go!

1. Cats

Wow. Nobody saw that coming. Gosh, me??? A cat lover?? Its not like I have a cat in my blog footer and as a huge part of my blog identity! Bonkers, I know. I really pulled a fast one over you, didn’t I?

Okay, seriously, I have never met an animal that purrs and is as comforting as a cat. Sure, they can be a little evil but so can we! Its only fair.

2. Iced Coffee

I’m sorry for these basic answers but Iced Coffee is a gift from the heavens and you’re lying if you say otherwise. I don’t care what season it is or how cold I am, I love my coffee iced and with copious amounts of sugar in it, thank you very much.

3. Fire places

I figured it was befitting to put this below the Iced Coffee seeing as how my enjoyment of cold brew & circulation issues result in me feeling rather…chilly to say the least. Whatta mystery. So how does one remedy this? By roast in front of a fireplace.

Fireplaces are the peak of humanity. Its like we knew our ancestors were onto something with that whole gathering around the fire thing. And they were so right. Nothing beats and iced coffee and a book in front of an open fire. Preferably when it’s raining out. Which reminds me!

4. Rain

The coziness level of a day suddenly increases immensely when water begins falling from the sky. God really did something with this whole rain thing. He knew exactly what he was doing.

5. Animated Movies

In college I have very little brain power to last through most live action and plot-complex new movies. I just can’t get into them very much these days and I’m not exactly sure why. Instead, recently, I’ve been enjoying settling down in front of the TV after school to watch the newest animated movie that’s out. Animated movies are my new comfort watch these days.

And woah! Are we already at 5?? I didn’t even get to Tacos, warm fries on a cold, dreary day, and quill pens! Oh well, maybe next time! I’ll see you readers ’round, okay?

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