Writer’s Tea Time Challenge

Welcome to the writer’s tea time challenge! A witch offers you a selection of steaming teacups. Which do you choose?

You take a sip, and find yourself transported back in time, into the body of a young princess. What do you do and what happens next?   

☕Earl Grey
  You take a sip, and suddenly can see ghosts and the dead, as well as commune and talk with them. What happens next? 

  You take a sip, and you glance at your hand to find yourself sprouting green, gossamer scales. Your throat burns, and you scream as you cough fire and begin to transform. What do you do next?

  You take a sip and feel very dizzy. When you awake, you find yourself very, very small. But-oh! Where did these tiny little wings come from?

  You take a sip and the creamy, white liquid goes down your throat like silk. The following day, you find your feet feel lighter, and your voice is beautiful in every sense of the word. You also seem to be constantly fighting the urge to help people at every turn. Have you always been this benevolent? The weirdest thing occurs when you gaze in the mirror, to find your eyes have turned a distinct shade of gold. What happens next?

  You take a sip and lean back in your chair in a deep sleep. When you awake, flowers have ground all around you, as if protecting you. They have also woven themselves around yourself to form a crown, and you seem to be wearing a white, heavenly gown. What do you do next?

  You take a sip and blink, only to find yourself gazing at your own body. It seems you have switched places with the witch? What do you do next?

Responses can be as long and short as you want.

To pass it along…

  1. Title your post “I chose _______” and fill in the blank with whichever tea you chose.
  2. To offer a friend some “tea”, tag your friend in your post and link them to this original challenge.

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