Circus Story Writing Prompts

Just a few Circus Related one sentence prompts for your story! I’m really into lists these days, can’t you tell?

★The Tent catches fire

★Training for the act

★Equipment is tampered with 

★An animal act is sold or bought 

★Two words- Circus Murder

★Someone buys out the circus

★Someone is injured during the act

★Escape the Circus

★Scathing critic review of the circus show 

★The circus is a cover

★The Queen comes to visit

★Troupe member is left behind when they travel to another location 

★Evil ringmaster

★Rabid animals 

★Animals escape from their cages

★Sick circus animal 

★Said animal must be put down. 

★Popcorn machine mishap

★Found something in a circus member’s tent

★A magic act gone wrong

★A knife throwing act gone wrong

★Drama and friction between two circus members. 

★Kidnapping an act. 


★The act but with FIRE!

That stupid circus monkey (fill in the blank)

The circus is being sabotaged. 

Unwelcomed by the locals. 

A gypsy?


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