Dragon Writing Prompts

☀ Dragon Bones

You’re a struggling anthropologist who wishes to get your name out there in the scientific community. But you often find yourself assigned to odd and miserable expeditions. Finally, you manage to get signed onto an expedition taking place in Ireland. You’ve always wanted to visit so you’re excited to see the country and its rolling, snow capped hills.

The expedition takes a turn when you’re digging into a mound and unearth a rather odd looking skull. You work more and more and assemble this near perfect skeleton. Your stomach drops as you place the last bone in place. You’ve read enough fairytales to recognize the skull, the horns, the teeth, and the wings. You have unearthed a fully in tact dragon skeleton. They’ll never believe it.

☀Snap Dragon

You’re an avid plant mom who sets out to decorate your new apartment in a wide variety of plants. You visit every store in town, including a rather shady looking one on the outskirts. There you buy a single snap dragon plant that appears to have just barely sprouted. The cashier says something weird about how “The plant will give back if you tend it well” but you didn’t pay much attention…

At least until the plant grows fully and the petals of the large, red bloom peel back to reveal a tiny, sleeping dragon.

☀Treasure Hunter

The time is the age of great discovery, and while many people are flocking to the new world or to start a business in stock goods, you can’t help but scoff at them. You know you really have the best job in the world. You are labeled a treasure hunter but only your clients know your real specialty; finding dragon eggs.

☀The Last Dragon

Dragons are going extinct. This of course doesn’t surprise you. One sip of dragon’s blood can cure a man or woman of any illness. Their scales make impenetrable armor. And their teeth when fashioned and placed upon the tip of a staff can conduct powerful magic.

You are dying.

You have a rare genetic disease that there is no known antidote for. But one sip of dragon’s blood could heal you of your illness. But everyone says the dragons are already gone… until one day a rumor circulates that there was one last dragon seen in the high mountains.

You set out with a Witch who desires a tooth, A Knight who wishes for the scales, and some weird beast studying librarian who is just along for the ride and the knowledge he might obtain.

And the race is on to find the last dragon.


You have finally been hired as a government scientist after 20+ years of experience working in your field. You are ready to serve your country with your knowledge and skills- at least until they assign you to one of their latest and most secretive projects.

You are called to a secret test site where you are going to be briefed on your duties. You weren’t expecting what you saw next…

A dragon, chained in a warehouse with guards flanking the entrance. You’re an avid scientist and respect the pursuit of knowledge but this entire scenario just doesn’t sit right with you.

☀Dragon Princess

You know how this story goes. You’re a princess who it sent to find a dragon so you can be saved by a knight who comes along and find a husband. You want to argue with your father, The King, but of course it doesn’t work. Angry but resolved, you head towards the dragons cave.

But you find no dragon.

Instead you find a rag tag group of Princesses who take you in as their own. Turns out they have a kite-like contraption that looks like a dragon to keep the myth alive but the old dragon really died a long time ago. This group of princesses banded together to be each other’s new family seeing as how their own let them down by sending them on this ridiculous mission for marriage in the first place. And so, enticed by freedom and loyalty, you join the ranks of the Dragon Princesses.

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